Life of a Healerite: A worthy sibling?


True story...

About Healer setting up high standards, I totally agree! My older sis who I just lured into watching kdramas (after years of following kdramas myself), just finished her first kdrama -Secret Garden. And she kept asking me for the next drama to watch.. of course, I wanted to say Healer, but I was so conflicted about suggesting her to watch Healer.. Not only 'cos it will set high standards (which it of course will!), but 'cos I felt that she had not wasted hours and hours on substandard kdramas and would never be able to fully realize how magnificently different Healer is from everything that's out there, in terms of it being so totally fresh and the fact that it's such a welcome relief from all those kdrama cliches and that I feel is one of the reasons why Healer's a once-in-a-lifetime drama for so many of us! Also, it's like these guys (the ones who discovered kdramas through Healer) have had it so easy in their lives..  never had to waste hours and hours of their lives watching crappy kdramas, seeing all those amnesia, noble idiocy plots, & mediocre effort of the ensemble casts that most kdramas have.. kinda like hitting a jackpot on your very first try! So unfair!  Though I did tell her to watch Healer, I have to admit I spent a great deal of time wondering whether she was worthy of it or not!!