HIFP - Meet the Team


Meet our resident Soompi Healerites!


I'm a word nerd that is currently obsessed with Healer. It's not just an ordinary Kdrama, but a friend that gives me a warm hug and holds my hand as I go on this life's journey. And the feeling of "it's ok now" spreads to the rest of my being.

  • What I like: dark hair, warm embrace, yarn, cats, goose-down comforter, good dramas and movies, cultural sensitivity.
  • What I don't like: cooked carrots, raw celery, cliché-filled plots, trolls, literal translation.

In Healer, I suppose I would be Dae Yong. The (cute, or I'd like to think so lol) loyal sidekick with competent skills, yet not really relevant to the overall scheme of things. I'm always off to who knows where (at least in the internet land) doing some wacky shenanigans. Yet, if you need my help, I'll be there heeding to your beck and call!

  • What is your job? Currently a University student doing a course which deals a lot with mass media
  • What do you like? Anime, Manga, video games, Japanese and Korean pop culture, and Ji Chang Wook!
  • What don't you like? Lizards and internet trolls

In Healer terminology, my role for the HIFP was similar to that of KMH in Someday News. All I did was delegate tasks and the official broadcast about the HIFP on the thread. The rest of the team did the actual work ! I would rather be Ajhumma .........she is waaaaaaaaaaaaay cooler :D

  • What is your job? -  The Absolute Observer
  • What do you like? -  Books, Science, Logic, Imagination, Intelligent Conversations
  • What don't you like? -  stupidity, unidirectional outlook, anti-science, sweets, physical exercise. 

Generally known to be a pain in one’s unmentionables and a troublemaker. I’m from a tiny island like Moru-moru, inhabited by lesser hot men. Hence I love to lurk around, getting a glimpse of good “assets” and getting chased out for being naughty.

I’m a creative writer by habit, and have written a million and one fanfics, of which I’ve never even published one. I’m quite ascertain to getting information, since I’ve been a researcher for so long, and I met these wonderful girls on my quest. I’m here for the hot men and the drama itself, and definitely, to offer my insight regarding to “How to be naughty”. Ready for my lesson?

Who’d I be as a ‘Healer’ character? Kang Dae-young - I love to show off my kicking-ass skills, but deflate like a stretched balloon once I find out that there are people with better kicking-ass skills.

  • Who’d I want to be? Chae Young-shin, the receiver of so many hot kisses and bed cuddles.
  • What do I like? Sunsets, long walks on the beach, Rocky-road ice cream, happiness in a jar so I can cuddle it in sleep and frisky, clingy men who are action high and love running on rooftops and sneaking in through windows. Oh, and world peace.
  • What I don't like? A world without any of these. Especially ice cream, hot men, happiness and world peace. Oh, and a world without 'Healer'.

Me, myself and I...another being been smitten by the charm of Healer.i was late to join the craze of the drama but it was better late than never. i want to dream big as to be the legendary hacker healer, ahjumma or smart and cool Healer. though i hope to be at least as awesome and fantastic as Kang Dae Young role to healer team, as i am to HIFP team. 

  • What is your job? A project engineer in a ship repair business
  • What do you like? Books, Korean dramas, Sleeping, Day Dreaming
  • What you don't like? Repeating myself, listening to unnecessary and baseless complaints, noisy morning

Who would I be if I were a personage from Healer, I would be CYS. I love to smile, I am always with a smile on my face.

I prefer to trust people instead always wonder in they are real or not. "Everyone has their moments of pain in life but we just need to hang in there because all is going to pass and is going to be ok again."

  • What is your job? Analyser (analysing everything, sometimes too much)
  • What do you like? Travelling, taking pictures (I am a little paparazzi) reading, sports and of course, Korean dramas.
  • What don't you like? Lies and Hypocrisy.

Who would I be if I were in Healer? I would be Seo Jung Hoo, definitely...just kidding...well, my real life personality is closer to Jung Hoo. I'm cold and introverted, I like living and eating alone, and I think a lot about myself. It's amusing that I can think about me and my existence and still question it again. I'm simple and practical too. Though I know nothing about martial arts, safe-cracking and I won't walk/run across rooftops. But my role in this blog is kinda like Seo Jung Hoo's father, Seo Joon Seok, reporter/photographer. Well, I do take a lot of photos and enjoy it greatly.

  • What is you job? Writer, dreamer, life commentator
  • What do you like? Korean dramas, football, books, Ji Chang Wook
  • What don't you like? Anything that keeps me away from those.

I don't think I can say that I resemble any one character from "Healer" completely.. Unfortunately, my awesomeness has limits, unlike the beyond amazing characters of writer-nim Song Ji-Na's world of Healer. :) 

But if I still have to pick, I'd say that I am mostly Park Bong-soo - dorky, awkward, yet fabulous! ;)  Minus the adorable stutter, the ultra-expressive eyes and those Adonis-like good looks! :) Other than that, I'm generally a very uncomplicated person; which is something I think I share with Seo Jung-hoo. As long as I'm doing what I love, with the people I love, I'm sorted. It better not sound predictable or boring to you, 'cos that's something both me and Seo Jung-hoo just aren't! :) Besides a lot of other things, I have a rebellious streak, again just like Seo Jung-hoo. Tell me to do something without justification, and rest assured that I'll dig in my heels and rebel. :) My reaction to Seo Jung-hoo's "personal contact" ET-like poke (when told to stay away from Young-shin): OMG! That's so me! I'd have totally done the same thing, without a second thought, just like him! :)

  • What is your job? I'm a Software Developer by profession.
  • What do you like? Freedom (I'll feel alive as long as I'm free!), Traveling, Pearl Jam and of course, Healer (I've seen many kdramas but this drama right here's my one true love!)
  • What don't you like? Pretenses (they disappoint me, and I'm not very good at giving second chances), Quitting easily (I can't quit, not unless I've given it my all),  Giving preference to circumstances rather than your own choice, when it comes to your own life (I think that’s just as ridiculous as it sounds.. Lol!)

If I were to hold a Korean name, it would be Min Joo. The desire for self expression, spontaneity and freedom...The moment I heard Choi Myung-hee utter the word, I was immediately drawn to it. Having looked up its meaning, I was surprised by how much semblance it had to my own character.

The world you (Song Ji Nah) painted in Healer made me realise that we do indeed allow ourselves to be drawn into this monotonous cycle of repressed freedom. Yet, the ability to break free from it, is never beyond our reach; all we have to do, is reach out and grab it. And I like how  this was represented through each and every character you wrote, especially the likes of Moon Ho - the generation who aren't yet afraid to achieve the freedom they've long desired, and will fight for it, with the strength and courage of the younger generation.

Healer for me was like a slice of reality; an insightful message to all those who choose to repress their own freedoms. Like Jung Hoo, it's nice to be reminded as to what you're fighting against. And it is my hope that you too, continue to express yourself through your writings, for Min Joo is always there, right next to you. Thank you Song Ji Nah, for writing Healer with such love and attention. I look forward to your next drama, hwaiting!

  • What do I like? Expressing my freedom, travelling to cultural hotspots, eating good food and reading.
  • What don't you like? Everything which represses the above!

Management Consultant by profession, a wannabe interior designer and food critique … Little known fact at work is that I am a k-drama connoisseur (at least from my side of the world where most people breathe and eat politics) … if they only knew … that’s my dark side that only a few privileged friends know … and the rest of the Soompi community J  I am definitely a combination of Young Shin and Ahjumma.  I am adventurous, a free spirit and will do whatever my heart desires.  The Ahjumma in me lies on my being upfront and speaking my mind … I can be sarcastic if the situation calls for it … I love to sing as well but not versed with K-pop like Ahjumma.

  • What do you like? Gallivanting at the National Art Gallery on a weekday; good food – from well-rated and hole-in-the wall restaurants to food trucks … you name it! meandering the streets of a foreign city I am visiting for the first time and discovering it on your own terms;  the wit and humor of Oscar Wilde …
  • What don't you like? I have low tolerance for crowded places; mediocrity, sappiness and herd-mentality (just because the majority thinks so doesn’t mean I should jump into the bandwagon)


  1. you guys are awesome!! I really appreciate all of your hardwork for this project! Janggg!!!! 😍

  2. we are really lucky to have you all :) thanks for bringing this HIFP up ....... thanks for giving us opportunity ....... all of you be healthy .... be safe and sound and be successful in whatever you are doing :D

  3. Thank you so much for organizing this project. Because of you, Healer team knows how much we appreciate their work. Thanks once again

  4. Thanks so much to you all for the creativity and hard work in putting all of this together not only for us Healerites to enjoy, but for the cast, crew, writer, and director to know how Healer has invaded our lives and brought so much goodness to fill up our Mondays and Tuesdays. You all are absolutely the best!!

  5. Thanks so much to you all for the creativity and hard work in putting all of this together not only for us Healerites to enjoy, but for the cast, crew, writer, and director to know how Healer has invaded our lives and brought so much goodness to fill up our Mondays and Tuesdays. You all are absolutely the best!!

  6. Love Healer so much, my one & only fav...great drama!

  7. really thanks to all of you for the hard work and for making the writer the cast and crew now about how much we love them.I hope that park min young and ji chang wook will see this too.

  8. thanks for your work in making know to the crew and actors that we really loved their work and let's hope ji chang wook and park min young can see this too!

  9. hi I just saw all your posted fan messages and I just wanted to put this forward... I love the fact that you've posted all our messages here for everyone to read, but just for privacy concerns - a lot of the images have our personal emails/address still shown above the images. I'm just wondering if you guys would kindly cover/erase those? Otherwise, this site is really awesome - thanks very much for all the effort put into this. The privacy aspect is my only concern since 2 of my emails are in there :)