HIFP - Healer International Fame News Broadcast


While Healer had a relatively lukewarm response in SK, it was making waves on the Internet. 

Everyone was talking about it, watching it, commenting on it. 
New records were being made, fanarts fanvideos were pouring from all over. 
Every website we went, was chanting HEALER! HEALER! HEALER! 

Don't believe us? 
Check this special broadcast brought to you buy the HIFP Team covering the Latest Internet Phenomenon - HEALER !


  1. 진짜 대박이다!! This is AWESOME!

  2. It's really nice. Good job!!!

  3. Its sooo nice .....thanks to all unni out there who gave such great effort to do this !!! love <3

  4. Hahaha, man. I hope Healer cast & crew sees this!
    Another great video, Noxn.

    Thank you all, it's awesome.

  5. Things I like: her natural instant protective holding of his hands, his hand removed fron his glove to lift her beanie to stop her hurt misunderstanding, entwined hands to give her something to hold on to while waiting in silent, her hands that wiped his tears/doubts away, her hands pulling him back to come back even if "cannot find", their hand that spoke n promised "it is okay " when words need not be spoken, hands that hold while looking at future together finding the "Real me". Things I don't like,: my hands that aimlessly clicking "nothing" n couldn't type anything meaningful , in my Heal-less state since Feb 11.

  6. zillions thanks to the many ahjummas here, at Soompi, many of you gals have heavy work loads,and even angered some family members because of your porlong crazes and time spend on this projects, many of you has to dwelt with your own "post Healer-less syndrome", yet you bothered to put aside your own "giief and mourning" states for the sakes of all of us who don't know nuts about how to reach out to the Crews and Casts, .. without you ahjumma, no matter how talented some of us are in cutting a video, or no matter how gifted some of us artists are, or how well some of us has spend sleepless nights writting fanfic... whatever we do will be futile if, you Soompi Min Ja Team don't lead us, and bridge us to them. am "eternally grateful".
    may GOD bless all works to be able to reach the hands of whosoever the works are dedicated to, and may our works warm whosoever we wish to reach out to. .. Soompi, your effort of love will not be forgotten for a long long time, even when years later, dramas may rise up, and has their other fan club and fan projects,... This One and Only ONE has raised the Bar, and is a Cut above them all, in a league of its own, a realm Healer ascended... Soompi witnessed, and testified,

    1. There are a few Agashis amongst us as well :)

  7. finally...i can leave comment here. thank u thank u. i love it. healer is beautiful drama forever. thank u for the crew and cast. i will always missing healer.
    because of Healer , we have been like family (even only in soompi).

  8. fantastic job Girls... love you all <3 <3 <3 healer is the best every time & every where <3 <3 <3

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  10. This show was awesome! I finished it and I'm still want more!!! It should be another season!
    Thank you for your hard work making us fall in love with this magnificent story... Starting from the writer productor director and obviously our lovely actors and every single part of the team for creating the magic for us.
    God bless you all!!