Special moments: Father & daughter


Healer: The Short but Sweet Moment between Father & Daughter

One of my favourite scenes of episode 18 is Appa and Young Shin sitting down in the café. Their faces in anticipation as Young Shin carefully pulls up the paper towel that protects the cookie Myung Hee made for her thought-to-be-deceased daughter, Ji An.


The cookie didn’t survive the drama Jung Hoo and Yong Shin went through with The Elder. Both father and daughter sigh in disappointment when they saw the cookie broken into pieces. Thankfully, it is still edible and Young Shin offers the first small piece to Appa (aww), but Appa tells her she should be the first to taste her birth mother’s cooking. As expected, Young Shin tells him not to be silly and stuff the cookie into his mouth so that there is no more who should go first argument. Upon tasting it, Appa nods and praises Myung Hee’s baking skills. They both smile brightly at one another, and continue on their conversation, which leads to Appa complaining about why Young Shin has to pick a scaredy cat Bong Soo as her boyfriend. HAHAHA, of course we and Young Shin find his remarks amusing; if only Appa knew the truth. Heh.


The thing that touches my heart the most is the thought that Appa has chosen a broken child like Young Shin to adopt. It is such a commendable act, because let’s face it, most family would not take in an orphaned child as shut down and ‘un-cute’ as Young Shin was at the time. It’s a pity that we don’t know Appa and Omma background, so I can only assume the couple must be unable to bear a child of their own; hence, they decided to adopt. For whatever reasons it may be, Appa is fond of Young Shin and is patient with her. For this, I so wholeheartedly am thankful of Appa – the character. Appa’s love slowly heals Young Shin, made her the person she is today. He taught her to open up her heart – to love and to trust again. He even imparted his weird habit of random singing and dancing to Young Shin, LOLLL. A trait that possibly be one of the reasons that attracted our curious wildcat, Seo Jung Hoo.

I just have this special love for this sweet, short moment between Young Shin and Appa. Amidst all that was happening in the plot, Song Ji Na did not fail to include this little precious scene that tugs at viewer’s heartstring. The father-daughter relationship is truly beautiful, touching and memorable. It didn’t matter that they aren’t related by blood; the love and bond they shared is strong and unbreakable. It goes above all the ‘blood is thicker than water’ belief. It also reminds me of my dad and the quiet moments we shared at times – times like how we would sit together watching a movie. Dad is tough-looking as Appa is physically, but deep down inside, his heart is as soft as marshmallow. When we watch a movie that featured poor people having poor life, I would always sneak a peek at dad. It always amuses me to see dad screwing up his face and when that scene is over, he will remove his glasses and wipe his tears; while I would secretly smirk and think to myself, “Aww dad is such a softie.”

By Sia3


  1. I totally am one to ship our lead couple, but I do have to say that my favorite relationship in the entire show (and I have written an entire essay on it!) is Young-Shin and her father. I love the 'family is made and not blood" aspect of this drama, and their love and affection is the shinning example of the trope.
    I love that as both to others are very expressive, their true feelings are shown in these quiet little moments: him singing to her in the playground, him quietly asking when she will bring her guy around, the sharing of the cookie, or the hug when she told him about her birth mother. There was never a question of his or her love for each other or the support that they would whole heartily give to each other.