Life of a Healerite: Squeeing with a friend


True story...

I had a 13-year Kdrama veteran friend come over during the weekend. The woman can read Hangul for crying out loud, her boxed Korean Drama DVD collection is enough to build her a bunker to get her through doomsday! Heck, she even knows how to make those triangle kimbaps seamlessly and effortlessly, a feat that can make Ahjumma herself cower in shame...

Needless to say, she has impeccable taste in anything and everything Korean. Years of watching has turned her cold and indifferent to anything mundane. It takes an extra pungent kimchi to pique her interest- and my healer ruined life is pungent enough for her hahaha... bolstered by my hubby's night long whines about how he can't understand why I had to buy a rice cooker that speaks Hangul (I know, I know, pathetic ain't I? Its even red and white just like Ahjumma's teehee).

So when all things was said and done, I finally heard her say "Ok, ok let's see what this craziness is all about!" Squeee. "I got her into the trap!" First episode had me taking painful stolen side glances to see her reaction, it was nerve wracking, hahaha. And what do you know, by the second episode she dropped a one liner, that pretty much sealed the deal for me: "I think we'll have the same ringtone by tomorrow!" Success!!!

I am ecstatic that a Kdrama sunbae is already on her tenth episode of Healer as we speak. Ahhh the joy of live squeeing with a friend... priceless!

By FleurdeLys101