Writer's Corner

Welcome to writer's corner!

For the love of Healer, pour your heart out!

If, like me, you find you still have a lot to say about the awesomeness of Healer, feelings, which for some reason, you've kept bottled up, then you need an avenue through which to channel them, before it wreaks some serious emotional havoc!

And what better way to do this, than write about these feelings in free form. Express yourself without any restrictions, lest it turns you into pile of inarticulate mush! The feels are real, dammit!

Submit to us your list of feels, detailed scene analysis', reviews, recaps, best moments, insights, musings - whatever you want to call it. Heck, you can even express yourself in verse if poetry proves to be the food of love.

If you have anything you'd like to share, then simply write it in an e-mail and send it to: healer.moebius.2015@gmail.com, and we'll happily publish it for you!

Don't forget to include details regarding its content/title/name (alias) 

As Yong-shin would say, let's cause some trouble...!