Jung-hoo's countless list of feels! - Episode 5


Jung-hoo’s countless list of feels: Episode 5

There’s a certain appeal to a character who chooses to become the knight in shining armour, embodying modern day chivalry in the true sense of the word. For Jung-hoo however, what’s important is not the shining armour, or indeed, playing the knight, rather it’s the realisation that human weakness does not necessarily equate to failure, but can rather be used as a driving force in gathering individual strength. Having detached himself from the rest of human society, Jung-hoo had learnt to read people from an objective standpoint, discarding forms of personal judgement. As a result, he’d come to recognise certain types of behaviour as being somewhat predictable, helping him keep a step ahead of the game. In Yong-shin’s case however, he realises that the same rules do not apply, and that instead of looking at her from the same lens as he views everybody else, perhaps it’s time to acknowledge that she’s a lot more like him than he'd originally bargained for.

The moment he finishes rescuing her and hands her the pills to help control her breathing was a nice way of mirroring their previous encounter in episode 2 (nail clipping scene). Back then, his primary concern was to remain hidden, even if it meant forcibly locking her into position and injuring himself in the process. In this episode however, you can see how his budding relationship with her is starting to affect the way he handles situations. This time, he waits to see that she’s ok, and rather than turn his back on her, he lets her turn towards him before holding her in an embrace, providing both solace, and remaining hidden at the same time. Even with his shades on, you can sense how conflicted he feels regarding his treatment of her. It’s not that he wishes to remain unaffected which keeps him at arm’s length; rather, it’s the not knowing how to handle these new feelings of affections which keeps him visibly at bay. Even whilst knowing that she’s safe, he continues to watch over her from afar, exasperated at her seeming lack of fear and unpredictability in times when he’s expecting the opposite, yet equally concerned for being the source of her worry.

Ah the moment he sits up on that rooftop, reflecting to himself, narrating in voice over just how he sees Chae Yong-shin. And there’s no denying it, she’s like him in more ways than one. I do love how he has this time to himself to reflect deeply about things which matter to him most, and in such a straightforward, and no nonsense manner too. Knowing the kind of significance rooftops have for him, a place where he’s able to observe people from afar, without being noticed, it seems apt that he’d draw conclusions about Yong-shin's character in that very same setting - she takes his breath away, very much like the moving city below. Aside from it being his favourite place, it’s also a place where he’s able to comfortably wear the shoes of Jung-hoo and express himself without any intrusions. And it’s only by allowing himself to think more about Yong-shin does he reveal more of his true self in the process.

Cleverly using the analogy of the animal kingdom, we learn how he’s come to view the rest of the world (predictable in nature), further explaining his obsession with wildlife documentaries; but “she’s different” he muses, likening her to a leopard he once saw on TV, that stood out from the rest of the pack. It just goes to show how closely he’s been observing her; it’s his steadily built observations of her which has made him confidently admit their likeness in character – on an emotional level, both are wounded creatures who don’t know how to run away, and have learnt over time to turn their weakness into their strength. Being the first to attack, and to move forward despite their fears, is what sets them apart from the rest of the people Jung-hoo sees as being all too predictable. The fact that he admits to being moved to tears by the leopard documentary highlights their shared pathos, for it’s a story he’s able to relate to, and in doing so, finds himself empathising with Yong-shin. But what I most love about this moment is that throughout his narration, he acknowledges their likeness with a smile. It’s his way of welcoming it, and that smile is what seals it.

It’s a small gesture, but it’s frigging adorable. The moment when she’s applying medicine on his hands – he moves his hand away first, almost on reflex, only to have her grab hold of it again, a lot more securely. It’s a subtle way of showing how for once, rather than going through the pain of being abandoned first, there’s someone there to hold onto him. It’s moments like this which shows how alien it is for Jung-hoo to be nurtured like family, for it requires him to depend on others after a long time, albeit under the guise of Bong-soo.

Even the mere invitation to eat at the family table visibly affects him, for his last memory of seeing food laid out in such a manner is linked to his traumatic childhood in which he remembers being abandoned. For this reason, not only is it the food he finds most difficult to swallow, but even the utterance of the simple, yet homely “I’ll eat well” chokes him.

Jung-hoo’s second knight in shining armour moment, but this time, with the roles gladly reversed, preserving both his identity and her security, without the need to don the mask of Healer. I like that unlike other drama heroes, Jung-hoo doesn’t forcibly make any demands or pressurise Yong-shin to run away in the face of her fears, but chooses to accompany her instead – it shows a level of respect and admiration he has for her, and her way of being. Throughout the whole scene, you can see Jung-hoo getting agitated whenever Hwang pushes the boundaries, both physically and verbally. It’s a sickening sight, and yet, Yong-shin braves through it all despite her fearful trembling; Jung-hoo being witness to it all, and with great dignity, only steps in when Yong-shin overcomes that final barrier of not giving in to Hwan’s dirty tricks; she’d already chosen not to run away, but even though she’s clearly afraid, she stands up to him and calls him “trash”.

Through the ambush, Jung-hoo makes an honest calculation of Yong-shin’s character, as he cries out for help under the guise of Bong-soo. Not once does he hesitate to put the plan in action, knowing all too well that Yong-shin would rise up to the challenge, saving both herself and him in the process. That’s the point she overcomes her fears - when she puts the safety of others before her own, not letting her weakness stand in the way; and that’s the quality which Jung-hoo most admires about her, and which sets her apart from others. That smile Jung-hoo gives at the end whilst being lead out by Yong-shin is so naturally revealing, that it captures all those feelings he’d weighed up about her character up until that point. Like a true gentleman, he proudly revels in her ability to overcome situations without the need to run away in hopeless defeat. 

By namedx

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  1. "Like a true gentleman, he proudly revels in her ability to overcome situations without the need to run away in hopeless defeat."

    Me: Standing up and applauding wildly. LOVE this.

  2. Nice- its good we have this in dept analysis of scenes, we come to appreciate it more, of how brilliant this drama is made- from the director, writer and cast. They really deserved the LOVE they are receiving now.

    1. Thank you for reading our list of feels!! They totally deserve all the love! ^^

  3. Namedx. . Another well written analysis! The FEELS.... the FEELS!! Have you been talking to the writer or you hiding JCW in your house and interviewing him. :-) Remember to share, I just want to be embraced by JCW. ♥ Looking forward to your next writeup! Thx JCW Mesmerizing Eyes

    1. No, she's not been hiding JCW in her house, 'cos the rest of the HIFP folks won't allow it, LOL! Right @namedx? ;)

      ~sunshine15 (who else) :D

    2. HAHAHA - yeh, take it from me, I wouldn't be alive now if I had JCW hidden in my house somewhere. He's apparently held captive by another soompier!! Add to that, Sunshine's deathly glare *shudders*

      Thank you for enjoying the feels post!! Your comments certainly keep me going! ^^

    3. You girls are too funny. .I shouldn't be greedy, can we all go watch him play a soccer game. Our beloved striker JCW in action!!! Faints at the thought. You girls continue to rock! Thx! JCW Mesmerizing Eyes

  4. Dropping by after @namedx share the preview's review (what is it? Haha) and the link on soompi thread. It is beautifully writen.. those feels you show... perfectly synchronize with the feels inside me.. watching ep.4 again after this feels review will be more touchy.. It will long last, this feels..
    I like it when you write it slow.. I like the feels inside me while waiting you to post the feels.. I love how you describe the feels, nicely done, you are grabing all the point n element with every tiny detail that matter.
    You know, english is not my first-language nor I really good at it, I only have standar abbility.. but read your the feels somehow make me craving for more feels, I dont care how long it will be writen.. I will read each one of them. Keep write chinggu-ya.. I'm eternally your fan's of the feels.

    1. Lol I like the way you put that - a "preview's review"! Aww thank you very much for your words of encouragement rnia93, and for taking such pleasure in my write ups! Yes, it's most definitely all about the feels; and I'll definitely continue with these posts whilst the feels last! <3

  5. Just read the Feels #10 and it's so heartfilling I couldn't digest it, so I'm re-reading favorite Feels to try and let out some air to breathe.

    "Jung-hoo doesn’t forcibly make any demands or pressurise Yong-shin to run away in the face of her fears, but chooses to accompany her instead – it shows a level of respect and admiration he has for her, and her way of being. "

    "Jung-hoo being witness to it all, and with great dignity, only steps in when Yong-shin overcomes that final barrier of not giving in to Hwan’s dirty tricks;"

    At first, I saw it as self-preservation of his Healer identity. Especially with Ajumma telling him to walk away from the gang ambush. With your words, "dignity, respect, admiration", I was able to see how his self-control and strength of character shine through in this true gift to Yong-shin. How hard it must have been for Jung-Hoo to stay in Bong-Soo mode. Yet, ever present, ever protective, both Jung-Hoo and Yong-Shin take care of each other... naturally, equally, and freely.

    Ah.... I'll never be able to move on from Healer! Thanks! : )