Ask Ahjumma! I'm here to answer your questions!!

Hello all Healerities!!

Ahjumma talking here! Damn, how do you survive a week without Healer?? Are you fart faces holding up okay? Now I have to take on more jobs, since Healer, that guy is too busy with Youngshinnie, uri Youngshinnie.. Geez, I should just smack the guy on the head with my Kimbap roller. His brain goes haywire when it comes to Yong-shin!

Anyway, because it feels you miss me but not, seems like you miss me but not, I grant you permission to send me an e-mail.. yes, an email to ahjumma!! If asking me for advice will help you get back to your senses, then I'll reluctantly oblige.

What's the format?

1. I don’t really like format, but please keep it short, no need to write 2000 words for me. I'm a hacker dammit, I haven't got time to read your sob stories!

2. Start with 'Dear Ahjumma...' Actually I used to hate it when Jung Hoo called me that, but I've grown to like it now, since I get to call him fart face!

3. Make your subject “Dear Ahjumma” too, otherwise I'll end up tossing it in the bin!

Email your letters to:

I’ll read your email and reply back to you personally. Check this blog for any replies. If your email goes unanswered, it means someone has either hacked into my inbox, or I've already replied to an e-mail of a similar nature.

I’m off to knit now! See you in my inbox!

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Ask Ahjumma!!!