Updates on what will be included in the Healer Director's Cut DVD and Blu-ray sets


Other than the quality of sound and video, the contents of the Blu-ray and DVD sets will be the same.

Initially, we'd requested the two directors, the writer, and the three lead actors for commentaries. Directors Lee Jung-Sub and Kim Jin-Woo and actors Ji Chang-Wook, Park Min-Young, and Yoo Ji-Tae have indicated approval, but the writer won't be taking part in the commentaries. In other words, five people in total will be doing the commentaries.
The schedule for the commentaries is still under discussion, and it is likely to be finalized within the week. We have requested the OTP to do commentaries and interviews as a couple as part of the proposed schedule for the commentaries.

Basic package
1. Book-bound scripts for the whole series.
2. Photobook (Number of pages are still being discussed)
3. Postcards with printed autographs by Ji Chang-Wook, Park Min-Young and Yoo Ji-Tae.
4. A chance to contain a personally autographed postcard signed by either Director Lee Jung-Sub, Director Kim Jin-Woo, Ji Chang-Wook, Park Min-Young, or Yoo Ji-Tae. (This is random for anybody who orders the DVD or Blu-ray, even after the pre-order sale.)
5. Special features (Bloopers, commentaries, behind-the-scenes)

Pre-order gifts.
1. Unique number (only up to the first 1,000 copies)
Initially, the plan was to have different items to bear the unique numbers for the Blu-ray and DVDs, but we could not find two different equivalent items, and many have suggested just using the same items. As result, we plan on using Someday press pass to bear the unique numbers. The DVD numbers will start with the letter D and Blu-ray numbers will start with the letter B. Also, their colors will be different between DVDs and Blu-rays.

Rather than having either of the DVD and Blu-ray press passes be of Chae Young-Shin's or Park Bong-Soo's, we're planning on having them half and half, such as numbers 1-500 being Park Bong Soo's and 500-1,000 Chae Young-Shin's for both DVDs and Blu-rays.

The numbers will be assigned randomly and will have nothing to do with the order of sales. In other words, you won't find out whether you get Park Bong-Soo's press pass or Chae Young-Shin's.

2. Interview book
Actors Park Sang-Won, Kim Mi-Kyung, Park Sang-Myun, Do Ji-Won, and Sung-Beom Jang have agreed to do a written interview. Also the Q&A with the writer will be included in this.

3. Synopsis book
Unlike most synopsis books, this will include various materials (e.g., fan reviews). The details have not been determined yet.

4. Unreleased OST (still in the talks)
Currently we have requested this to the director of music and are waiting for a response.

5. 2 official posters


  1. Thank you so much for this update! I really appreciate it.

  2. Thank you for the update and all the coordination of this effort. I'm assuming all the commentaries and the special feature will have subtitles. Can you please confirm this? Thanks for everything!

    1. Thank you Ruizaro for all of your hard work and dedication to spreading Healer's love to the international fans. We really appreciate it. I got the answer off the soompi forum sissy. Thanks!!

    2. I apologize for the inappropriate word that my stupid phone added. I couldn't edit my post. Please remove the inappropriate word. Thanks alot.

  3. Is there an estimated time frame? I am just curious. I pre-ordered, but I might be moving and I would hope that it gets here before I leave!

    1. It is scheduled to be released some time in late May. Contact the customer support of the online store where you ordered from and see if you can get the address changed.