Dear Ahjumma, from "I have no life!"


Q. ajhumma , anneyonghaseo ..............

Are you really a KPOP fan?? Because when I saw you singing 'I AM THE BEST ' by 2NEI I literally jumped off my chair !!! and ajhumma, tell me how to MOVE ON from HEALER ?? withdrawal syndrome ?? :( I cant  ......... I have no life now :( I eat healer , drink healer and even while sleeping I am having a dream where Ji chang wook is running with his healer uniform .. lol ... 

save meee .. palli :p ;) 

A. Dear "I have no life", 

Are you seriously doubting my love of Kpop!?? Have you not heard me sing along to some of the BEST Kpop tracks out there!!? Yes I'm an ajhumma, but even I can bust a groove, and a lot better than that Healer too, or Chae Yong-shin for that matter - youngsters these days, what do they no about dancing, pfft!! If anyone's the dancing machine out there, it's me - not Ji Chang-wook! 

Well, I hate to break it to you, but if all you're eating, sleeping and drinking is Healer, than you've got some serious problems. I mean, that's hardly healthy!! I mean, just look at the life of Healer, yes, he may look "hot" running around in that black outfit, but his lifestyle sucks frankly, all he does is eat junk, sleep in, and watch leopards all day!! Are you seriously hung over some dude like that!?? Coz I'm telling you now, it's simply not worth it!!

Take it from ajhumma, live your life - go out singin' in the rain!! I'll show you the moves too if you want. Okay, who am I kidding, I ain't got time for that, but if you google it, you'll find the dance moves to it, easy!! 

P.s. If ever you dream of Healer again, do yourself a favour, stand back and scream at the top of your lungs: "ruuuuuuun, Healer, ruuuuuuun" - you'll be doing him a lot of favours that way!! And hopefully, he'll get the job done a lot quicker too!!

Peace out,