Jung-hoo's countless list of feels! - episode 3


Jung-hoo's countless list of feels: Episode 3

Jung-hoo’s facial expressions always tell a story, even in those fleeting moments, but more so when he focuses his attention on Yong Shin. His eyes seem to capture all that he’s feeling, and come to life whenever he looks in her direction. Just like how a predatory animal keenly takes in its surroundings, observing its prey ever so carefully, lest it misses the opportunity to make a move, Jung-hoo too, never fails to miss a step when it comes to Yong-shin. Her expressions, her reactions, her emotions – he captures it all, mentally storing it away, so that when the time comes, he’s ready to make that all important move. That is how I see the start of his love, somewhat calculating to begin with, only to realise that he’d long taken on the role of the protector, whereby, his observing her becomes second nature, and a vital part of his protective instinct.

The moment he breaks entry into her home and sees her dramatically re-enacting the almost suicide, he pauses, taking in her version of events, no doubt matching it up to what really transpired. He visibly gives a nod of amusement upon hearing her altered version, as she hedges from what was really said. It’s such a subtle moment, but I like how he waits to assess her response, perhaps likening it to his own personality of not wanting to cause pain to those who matter most.

The moment he looks at her from afar, whilst she’s busy practicing her karate chops! For someone who only in the second episode couldn’t believe that tailing Yong Shin was even classed as a job, he sure takes it in his stride when it comes to closely observing her for the sake of satisfying his own curiosity, especially when told to keep a low profile. Not only does he sigh at her pathetic attempts of throwing a kick, he naturally zooms in to focus on her getting back up again – which translates to “I wonder if she’s ok?” His curiosity is piqued at this point, and he sure does find her intriguing enough to continue watching intently.

One of my favourite moments is when he gets distracted by her dancing in that very same scene. Her dancing in the privacy of her own room is one thing, but for Jung-hoo to invade that privacy, no matter how innocently, is another matter completely. It’s what I like to call Jung-hoo’s “peeping Tom” moment – albeit without the negative connotation. For somewhat who’s so socially inept, it was a nice way of showcasing that what he finds sexually appealing is not some woman in revealing attire (or his computerised gaming buddy), rather, someone of Yong-shin’s charms and quirky personality – someone who’s comfortable enough to simply kickback in her pyjamas. At that moment, his eyes reveal a desire which didn’t even surface when saboo showed him pictures of semi-naked women. 

This is the episode where Healer first takes on the role of Bong-soo – a fumblingly adorable persona, who gains Yong Shin’s sympathy, albeit, unintentionally. What I most love about Healer in Bong-soo mode, is that he lets his eyes do all the talking, especially when he feels compelled to swap between personalities in order to express certain emotions. We first notice it when Yong-shin sympathetically guides him by the hand, and he’s forced to hide his exasperation at being treated like a complete and utter novice – It’s like he’s wearing a double layer of emotions, whereby we can sense what he’s feeling, even though he’s concealing it.

That melt of a stare he gives her at the end of the episode is another brief yet subtle moment in which he shows a new level of awareness with regards to his feelings– he may walk alongside her wearing the mask of Bong-soo, but when she’s not looking, he gazes at her with the eyes of Jung-hoo; quizzical, transparent, and somewhat mesmerised. Whilst Yong-shin’s busy taking in the sun’s rays, he’s busy taking in the brightness of her endless chatter. And though he’s not wholly affected at this point, you can bet he’s noting it all down somewhere, allowing himself to be baited. 


  1. "What I most love about Healer in Bong-soo mode, is that he lets his eyes do all the talking" said you.
    yes, Namedx, indeed.
    that was the moment when Ji chang wook ceased to exist in a drama, and rebirth into another persona, and born as Bongsoo / Jung hoo in a drama, in another league, has he ascended.
    he simply stared, blinked, lost in glaze, touched, blanked, teared, ... he spoke millions more, in his silent, than what other handsome hunks can throw in speeches in many other dramas...
    "That melt of a stare he gives her at the end of the episode is another brief yet subtle moment in which he shows a new level of awareness with regards to his feelings"... that glare in secrecy, he hungrily basked in her sunshine, was his first virgin=wake from his long hibernation. Loved that moment he willing bite on the bait, not running away, willing to follow on, come what may....
    that looks from that moment, enchanted me to start believing that i have embarked on something different...something beautiful... something raw....
    any girl will give anything to have a guy looked at her, simply like that.
    you are right.

    1. Thank you Mary of Bethany! Your personal insights are always a gem. Thank you for hanging with us at Morumoru Island!! ^^