Dear Ahjumma, from an Underestimating-Ahjumma Fan


Q: Annyeong Ahjumma (Kim Mi Kyung ssi),

I don't know we can only ask character related questions only, or we can ask anything... so I prepared 2 questions - one for Ahjumma Min Ja and another for the actress, Kim Mi Kyung.

Q1: If you have to go up against Je Il Newspaper's Investigation Team Leader Ahn in hacking, who do you think will win? Are you a genius hacker, too?

Q2: Is Song Ji Na writernim's characters the most interesting to portray throughout the dramas you've acted in, and was it much difficult to act alone in the room than with facing someone?

Kamsahamida for creating such a out-of-the-box character, I really love your portrayal. Look forward to see MORE such performances from you.

A: Dear underestimating-ahjumma-fan,
Really? REALLY?? Do you really think that I will not win if I go against that rookie? I almost hacked the CIA, I'm not just some lump sitting and waiting for action to happen so I can block somebody else's path. I'm awesome. Should I sing "I'm the best" again? Aish these teenagers these days, always underestimating me... If I was near you I would've plonked your head and used it to roll my kimbap!
I'm not shy, I think you know that already. So of course we all work together in creating awesomeness. I'm the main awesome person though. I actually enjoy my room that's why it was heartbreaking to leave it when those annoying Double S guys came around, poking into somebody else's underwear. I hate men like them.... I have some "me" time in my room. And I've got my knitting and kimbap to spend time with. And of course I can hack into Jung-hoo's apartment whenever him and Young-shin aren't getting "busy". Urgh, those two lovebirds. I'm drowning in cheese... Chincha.
Peace out,

P.S. Thank you for loving me, although it's a bit weird, getting love from a girl - you're a girl, right? Although Dae-young worships the ground I walk on, she doesn't tell me that she loves me. She always has one question in her mouth - "Where's hyung?". The little devil and her devilish elder brother!