Dear Ahjumma, from a figure-conscious fan


Q: Dear Ahjumma,

You always eat & you don't do any exercises just sitting in front of computers hacking & knitting... But you figure is good, So how do you manage it? Can I know the secret [?]


A: Dear figure-conscious fan,

You people sure love intruding my privacy, don't you?

As I've said previously to a stupid lump like you, I'm a born beauty. I don't need any plastic surgery or curling irons coz once again, I'm awesome!

But then, how on Sam's Green Earth do you know when I eat, when I sleep, if I exercise and when I bloody poop! I DO exercise, and I eat green vegetables. It contains growth spurt vitamins and will make your
mind clearer so you can exercise. I dunno if it'll work, so don't depend on everything I say. Who knows, if you keep heeding advice from me, I'll even teach you how to be horny... As in grow your own horns.

What were you thinking, you perv?!

Peace out,