Dear Ahjumma, from Miss Nosy Parker


Q. Hey there Ahjumma, 

What to do? What to do? I really really miss Healer. 

I wonder what is he doing now? Are you still working with him? Did you go back and live in your lair? Do you always go and meet up with JH and YS? Are you thinking of giving Detective Yoon a chance?


A. Dear poking-into-my-business,

Jung-hoo is so very annoying to live with. He gave me such scares when communicating through comms and now seeing each other daily, he is starting to piss me off, chincha! That wingless bat! I have no idea how Young-shin and that goldfish is living with him. I'll be bald by now, having pulled my hair out.

We meet at times, but I really hate these meetings between the four of us. No, not the goldfish. Moon-ho's joining us too. Sometimes Yoon tails along. I swear I didn't invite him! One drunk-dial later, he's always following me with his annoying "Sunbaeeee~". The only good thing about these places that we meet is, there is good food. That's comforting. And I get to pull Jung-hoo's ear at times. Young-shin's given me permission (ha, as if I need permission from her to pull my
student's ear). Dae-yong drops by too, wailing at her 'hyung'. I don't understand how a weirdo like Jung-hoo can be a role model to Dae-young. Very confusing indeed.

Aish, don't ask me questions about these stupid people with their boring lives.

Peace out,

P.S. What is this new trend of bothering an innocent retired ahjumma? I heard heartoppaya's to be blamed. Wait till I catch her. The little £"%$%&*^**