Writer Song Ji-Na's Q&A - About Episode 20 and onwards


Q: Who is Jung-Hoo's interview video for?
A: In episode 2, Jung-Hoo copies the content of Young-Shin's laptop onto a USB memory. In episode 20, one of the skipped scenes was Jung-Hoo printing off "Interview questions for Healer" that Young-Shin had created that was in that data. In other words, it is him fulfilling one of Young-Shin's dreams, interviewing Healer. At this point, Jung-Hoo thinks of the possibility of his own death as there will be many cops with guns and there's no sure way of knowing who'd shoot first, but because of the lack of time during the final week of production, the tension was lost. The ending was initially planned to be after about a year's time had passed, and by then Young-Shin would have written her book, but...

Q: What happened to the real Park Bong-Soo?
A: Remember what the Elder said about missing people in Korea? That they stop looking for them after 5 years? Park Bong-Soo is probably one of them. Somebody gone missing over 5 years. That must be why Min-Ja used it as a fake identity for Jung-Hoo.
Park Bong-Soo, if you're alive and well, go after Min-Ja. She'll figure something out for you.

Q: How did you feel as you watched the last episode?
A: I just wanted to die. I had posted earlier that I didn't have any regrets, but actually there was one big one: Time.
I could see how the cast and crew had been under so much pressure of time. Since I'm the biggest cause of their hardships, I felt like I should die.
But as there were so many people around me at the theater (about 150 people rented a theater to watch the last episode of Healer, including some actors like Hacker Ajumma, Det. Yoon, Jung-Hoo's and Young-Shin's moms, Secretary Oh, couple Someday reporters, etc., and the teaser of the fan project was played to them.)

Q: Is Healer no more? Has it become a world that is fine without Healer?
A: I wouldn't say Jung-Hoo is an ordinary cameraman. I think he's a freelancer that brings in information and pictures an ordinary reporter couldn't possibly get his hands on to Someday. He probably won't make as much money as he did as Healer. But who knows? Maybe his partner Min-Ja helps out while stealing some their money...

Q: Do you have any thoughts on working on Healer 2?
A: Not even in my dreams at this time. My energy is totally depleted. Even playing video games is hard for me right now. (sobs)

Q: Did Jung-Hoo take Teacher's ashes to the South Pacific?
A: If the ending had turned out to be after 1 year had passed as originally planned, of course he'd have made that trip by then. Along with his woman by his side. Jung-Hoo wouldn't be able to say much, but the woman by his side would be chattering nonstop as they scatter the ashes.

Q: When Det. Yoon asks Min-Ja whether Healer is good for this world, Min-Ja doesn't answer. I want to know your and Min-Ja's thoughts on that.
A: I think that one should be answered by the viewers of Healer. Now that you've watched all 20 episodes, is Jung-Hoo good for this world or bad? My thoughts are your thoughts.

Q: Did you originally plan a sad ending? If so, at about which episode did you switch to a happy ending?
A: It was going to have a happy ending from the beginning. When Ji Chang-Wook came to the studio for the first time, I told him the ending as I explained his character. We just kept that path. One death and a new beginning. Only... at the time, I was planning on taking my time with a proper ending. My first thought was for Jung-Hoo to fake a crash while on an aircraft. Sorry, Jung-Hoo.

Q: What happened to Kim Moon-Shik and Secretary Oh after they lost their leader, the Elder?
A: Kim Moon-Shik is admitted to a facility, and Myung-Hee visits him once a week. Moon-Ho might visit him once a month or so.
Secretary Oh still works for the farmers. Eww... I hate it.
Q: Looks like Jung-Hoo quit being Healer and became a reporter, what is Min-Ja doing? Would you have considered Min-Ja and Det. Yoon's romance if there had been more episodes?
A: Jung-Hoo is not an ordinary reporter, but a freelancer specializing in digging up stuff, so he'll continue to work with Min-Ja. I think he just won't make as much money as he used to... but Min-Ja might think differently.
As for the romance with Det. Yoon... Good luck, Det. Yoon!

Q: Moon-Shik seemed to have lost everything after Myung-Hee left. Why did he think he was Gil-Han when he was drunk? Did he want to become Gil-Han because of his jealousy or his yearning for Myung-Hee's affection? Or did his guilty feeling after that incident cause him to deny himself? If so, he could just as well claim to be Joon-Seok, but why specifically Gil-Han?
A: Moon-Shik could never forget Gil-Han, the only person Myung-Hee loved. Someone who hadn't committed any crimes. Jealousy, envy, and guilt. I think the only way to get rid of all those was for him to become Gil-Han himself.

Q: How come people just believe that the dead person is somebody with a different name (Park Bong-Soo), face, and body build when the goons that worked for the Elder and were arrested all know that it was Jung-Hoo that died?
A: This was an interesting part. Now there are two types of people who know Jung-Hoo. People who only know the picture on the wanted poster. You can take care of that by supposing that Min-Ja deleted the video file and switched out the picture.
Those who had actually seen Jung-Hoo... are those that Jung-Hoo will have to avoid as he works as a freelancer. This is why Jung-Hoo works as a freelancer and not an ordinary reporter that works in the office. How would he get away when he comes across people who know his face... maybe he'll just say with a straight face, "I hear that a lot. That I look a lot like someone." ...that would be thrilling.

Q: The scene where Myung-Hee says in teary eyes, "Where are you, Min-Joo (democracy)? I'm here!" made me cry. Did you have a specific intention with this scene?
A: I really liked that part, too. I thought it might have been nice if she had been smiling there, too.
Min-Joo also somewhat symbolizes Young-Shin, so it can also mean that Myung-Hee knows who Young-Shin is (although I know this is a flaw of mine to have so many things that only I am privy to)
Or it can also mean that Min-Joo is right here, she didn't go anywhere, but we'd been ignoring it this whole time...

Q: Towards the end of episode 20, Young-Shin is wearing glasses as she drives. I don't think it's for her eyesight. Is there a specific reason?
A: Ah... haha. It's Healer glasses. And that would have required CG work, but because we didn't have time, I didn't say anything about that in the script. Just had her wearing glasses.

Q: What kind of life would Myung-Hee lead now?
A: She got a job at Someday and writes editorials. She visits Moon-Shik once a week.

Q: Does Jung-Hoo continue to live in his place or does he set up his honeymoon nest somewhere else?
A: I vote he still lives in his place! But with better heating system! Honeymoon... lol... I'll call him and ask, did you guys go on a honeymoon trip?