Dear Ahjumma, from A Missing Healer Fan


Q. 안 넹 하세요 아좀마. It's that my korean letter right ? ㅎㅎㅎ first i want to introduce my self. My name is hanny thirza you can call me hanny. So happy that i like want to ask you how about your feel after healer filming was ended ? For me healer it's the best drama ever i really like healer. So i can't forget healer. The first i hear your voice in firat episode of healer i didn't think that your style and your voice because it's so funny. Miss your style. I feel that you are really cute when your first meet with Healer. You're like a child. So i will miss you 아좀마 your funny and cute style. Thank you ~~~~

A. Dear missing-healer fan,

Did you just call me a child?! I'll show you child! Haven't you
listened to me singing "I'm good and experienced"? Oh you haven't. I'll show it to you one day... Remind me.

Of course you should miss healer. I was there to make it awesome. Don't think Jung-hoo's the best character. He's my puppet. I make him do my bidding. But sometimes he doesn't. I didn't tell him to befriend Young-shin or Moon-ho, but he did. With all the scratching, I'll go bald one day. This kid's going to kill me!

Peace out,

P.S. You can search the internet. It all says that Ahjumma Is The Best. Sing it with me- "Ahjumma is the best! Ahjumma is the best! Ahjumma is the best!"