Dear Ahjumma, from An Obsessed-with-1992-friends Fan


Q: I need Healer, is this email right? I need to come México, I need found a person. Ahjumma what happen with the friends of Healer in 1992? it's a mistery for me.

A: Dear obsessed-with-1992-friends-fan,

You tell me. When I met Head Wingless Bat (a.k.a Ki Young-jae), he had already lost the little marbles he had. I tried to get him back on track. He's one stubborn son-of-a-gun, but with some scolding, some hacking and some flirting, I got him upright to become the healer. Mighty work, that was!

Apart from him, I haven't met any of his other friends. I heard that Oh Gil-han and Seo Jun-seok died and Gil-han's wife became paralysed and married tycoon Kim Moon-shik. I really didn't care. But then the wingless bat left me in charge of his rookie student, who incidentally turned out to be Seo Jun-seok's stubborn-ass son. He was a riot, definitely.

And now, after spending time with Moon-ho, Young-shin and Jung-hoo, I know the whole story.

I hope this answers your curiosity.

Peace out,

P.S. I really didn't care about them until I heard their story. It's quite amazing, really. But don't tell Jung-hoo that I said that. His head is big enough.