Falling asleep


Falling asleep

I think there are few reasons why Young Shin is able to sleep when only Jung Hoo is her by her side. The first one is old habit from their childhood. Secondly, because she feels protected with him. And thirdly, it's because of their unbreakable and fated bond. Even though she's not aware of their past, her subconscious is. So whenever she reached her hand to grab his arm, it felt very natural and right to them both.

The words that Jung Hoo said in episode 4 and the words he said in episode 18 shows he went through the biggest change. I just love to see how he changed. There's something that didn't change: the way he's looking at her while she's sleeping. A gentle look filled with love and worry. Those scenes prove that their love is beautiful and everlasting.

By rrmski