Dear ahjumma, from a confused fan


Q: Dear Ahjumma,

Did u know healer face or u know it but healer is the one who don't know you?


A: Dear confused,

Of course I knew what that poop face looked like - I'm Ahjumma, I know EVERYTHING!! It is Healer who'd never seen my face! If only those dumb guards hadn't broken into my space, my face would have still been hidden!! Now that Healer knows what I look like, he can't stop staring at my bloody face, like I'm sort of alien or something. Pfft. 



  1. Ahjummah Dearest:
    what does it take , for us to inspire KBS to decide to make Healer 2, with the SAME CAST LEAD, in the likes of Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young again? the fact that we are still here, asking for Healer 2, after 3 good months, after countless dramas came and ended... even after Angry Mom, Blood, Hyde Jekyll, Me.... and we are STILL WANDERING HERE!!
    Brillant Ahjumma, can hack into the "tech brain" of KBS..and make them "Think Healer2"....
    it torturing, every times i read Ji Chang Wook's news, i think of Pong Sookie,... no satisfaction leh, even if i watch him bunnying around at "what-the Camp" few days ago...
    isn't this the existence of this Moru Moru Fans site, a pure proof that "healer 2" worth trying? 제발 (jeh-bahl)