Dear Ahjumma, from "Cry me a river"


Q: Dear Ahjumma,

It's been a while since Healer ended. But it's hard for me to let go, so I've decided to write this letter. 

The first time for nearly 10 years, I again love a Korean drama so much. I felt like coming back to the period of junior school, cause I began to watch for every information of Healer and the main actors. Rarely there's a drama which has many impressive characters besides the main ones like Healer. They are an "ajuma", who looks fastidious outside but warm inside, a teacher who looks careless but loving his student, a gentle mother with the pain of losing her husband and child but still bright, a cunning man who carried the one-sided love for many years, ect... These characters are impressive, and the actors who played the roles are too.

Actor Yoo Ji Tae really made an original Kim Moon Ho reporter, he has "saying" eyes and a gentle smile. I like that KMH gives his love and attention for Young Shin and Jung Hoo as an uncle,for me it makes him perfect. 

About Ji Chang Wook & Park Min Young, I really like them, they made Seo Jung Hoo & Chae Young Shin become unique, so lively, so real and unforgettable. I knew JCW from the Empress Ki drama and was impressed by the King Ta Hwan only, but it just that, I didn't watch all the drama 'cause it's too long. But in Healer, he became the one of two actors (besides PMY) that I love after several years. The more I read about him and watch his acting, the more I thought he deserved all the affection of his fans for his kindness and hard working. And with PMY, I used to like her because of her beauty from the High-kick drama, and just that. But now, I do like her not only because of her beauty but also her acting. She made an adorable and unique Young Shin. I saw a total different PMY in acting. I think CYS is the best character of her until now. If I can, I want to tell her just be herself right now, when she happy and try hard for her dream, she will receive all the good things she deserves. I hope to see a JCW and PMY more successful and excellent acting in the future. But Happiness is the key, I hope them will be happy in whatever they do.

It's a mistake if not mentioning the Healer production team and writer Song Ji Na, thanks for your excellent script and your hard working. You all are really professional. The shoots are very beautiful and real. 

Actually, I accidentally watched Healer when I've had a hard time in a long period. But somehow, Healer cured me and I didn't know why. So I really love this drama, and I felt sorry that it ended too soon. For me, Healer will be one of the most unforgettable classical drama that even 10 years or more I will still remember, just how Doctor brothers or Winter Sonata did to the audiences. 

Again, thanks for you all, the actors and the Healer production team! Wish that I could see you all again in a future project.

From, Phi Nhi Vu


A: Dear "cry me a river", 

Jeez, I'm a sobbing mess thanks to you. And the rundown streaks of mascara with all this knitwear isn't a good look!! Sigh, this ahjumma actually understands your poor broken heart, sorta, but sometimes you've just got to let it go. Ok, maybe not completely, but enough to at least live life like a proper saram!!! Wae!? Because you're a saram that's why, not friggin Healer 2.0. And that's me being sincere. 

HAHAHAHA, and don't worry, this ahjumma couldn't bear sitting through the whole of Empress Ki either, Healer-ya must have lost his mind during that period. But I'm glad he found his true calling and returned to his Healer state; as much as I can't stand his arrogant ass at times, he will always be Healer in my eyes. 

Yes, you got that right, uri Yong-Shin is the best thing since sliced pizza, especially for Healer ya!! Even though he loses his marbles whenever she's concerned, I must admit, she does bring out the best in him!! And for that reason, I'm sure the two will be very successful in whatever they set out to achieve! 

And, I may be a cranky old fart, but I know better than to trample over someone's heart that's just been healed by that brat of a Healer. So thank you. 

Oh, Healer-ya, that poop head, shouts "Khamsamnida!! *bows*" too!! His head's getting bigger as we speak!! 

From Ahjumma