International Fan Messages!


We did a survey on Soompi on the following Questions

1) What is "Healer" called in your language ?
2) Describe "Healer" in one sentence
3) If you had one minute to talk to "Healer", what would you say ?

Are you curious about the answers?
Wait no more!
Simply play the following video and find out for yourself!


  1. This feels like Christmas!

    30+min of Healer Love from all around the world ♥♡♥

    Loved the message from Nigeria: So much squeee 〜♪ 

  2. My heart is about To explode !!! All these feels !!!! Healer is the another name of happiness for me !!! Missing healer .... Today is Monday and the emptyness is killing me inside .... :(

  3. As far as I know, Healerities is the first and the only drama fandom that made this accomplishment (realizing this creative international fan project, and then receiving concrete positive feedback from the writer! :D). Indeed a great drama deserve a great fandom ♥♥ Awesome! ^^. Thanks a lot to all of you that made this project realized very well~

  4. This is awesome and kudos to the HIFP team for this amazing video. It feels great to hear and see the messages from all over the world and thank you so much HIFP team for your hard work and dedication in compiling all the feels together :) :) i think HIFP has bought the world closer and helped us share what we feel about Healer and spread the love around :)

  5. DAEBAAAAKKK!!! that's all I can say....