HIFP - Healing Times


Over the past 10 weeks, we were taken on a wonderful ride and shared the same journey enjoying a great drama that will long be remembered – Healer. The idea of a newspaper came about as a result of wanting to highlight the best insights and views shared on the Soompi thread. In addition, as most members of the Soompi community are reeling from the effects of Healer deprivation, we hope that this newspaper will alleviate withdrawals from the drama - hence the name: Healing Times. Certainly there is a wealth of good material in the Soompi thread, but limited resources had us focus on just a quarter of pages that we are able to backtrack. The newspaper format was suitable since the drama touches on news reporting. The difference is, we have infused some comic touches to some of the articles. Although they can be seen of a serious nature too, we chose to take a different route and sprinkled it with humor (as mentioned previously, it would have some touches of the Onion newspaper with parodies of current news and situations). There is absolutely no intent to offend anyone so please take the humor lightly.

This collaborative effort would not be made possible without the talents of resident Soompi friends. We would like to acknowledge contributions made by the following chingus – briseis, sia13, mywebfoot, olga2010ans, jerboa13, namedx, kanyaprasetyo, aprilislily, gtangerine, uctqepe, adlyn15, sunshine15, heartoppaya, ahpheng, NRGchick, tomi22, tiffyjiffy and to the rest of the core HIFP core team – sanika, ruizaio, adelam, tomoyo1010, noxn. We would like to give a shout-out to briseis for her phenomenal and insightful writing.

Our heartfelt thanks to Writer-Nim Song Ji Na, PD-Nim Lee Jung Sub, Ji Chang Wook, Park Min Young, Yoo Ji Tae and the rest of the cast and crew for giving us a brilliant drama. Healer is truly a gem!

With this said, we hope you enjoy what we have put together to celebrate what an enjoyable and delightful drama Healer was.

- cmoirae2 (Washington, DC, USA)



  1. I'm speechless... DEAR AHJUMMA?? lol

  2. Love it! Impressive, creative, awesome! *Thumbs Up*

  3. A work of art. Truly amazing. Kudos to everyone involved! These articles deserve a medal! :D