Introduction to the Healer International Fan Project Blog


Hello to all the Healerious Healerites!

Finally, the show is over and our lives have become a vacuum. Mondays are going to go back to being miserable. Rehabilitating with the real world will take some time. To give you a small "Healer" fix for the weekend, we are going to unveil the [HIFP]! What will follow immediately to this post will be the Project that the HIFP members submitted to writer Song Ji Na as a show of our appreciation and love for the show.

As mentioned in the Soompi thread, we have decided not to publish everything all at once, but to show it little by little. The first submission is the Letter of Introduction written to the entire cast and crew explaining the concept of the project. Whereas the second Submission is the "Teaser" Video we made introducing the IFP concept.

We hope you enjoy it :)


  1. Hi! I HAVE a video of healer that I edited myself and I would like to share it with you guys!

  2. Hello dear that's very great I really really appreciate ur work we really need something like that... We all are missing out Healer best couples ... I love it ur blog thank u so much
    We love healer ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Welcome on board Rohma :) Keep Support Healer :)