HIFP - Fans' Final Reactions!


How did you feel when HEALER Episode 20 ended?

Thoroughly happy and content that the drama ended on a happy note & continued its marvelous run of incredibly amazing episodes every Mon-Tues for the whole 10 weeks?

Or enormously sad that Healer ended, that you would have to say 'Goodbye' to the drama that you loved so much?

Or incredibly thankful to the amazing cast and crew of this drama for the most blissful 10 weeks of your life? <3

Or a combination of all of these?

Here's our attempt to make you relive those moments, recall your memories and your thoughts when the finale episode of Healer ended - A look at the Healer International fan reactions from Soompi right after the finale ended.

Do check out these reactions; we hope these will bring back fond memories that will help keeping the Healer Addiction at check :)