HIFP - Favourite Scenes!


With a drama as amazing as Healer, every scene is memorable.. We bet it will be very difficult to pick a favorite scene from the drama..

Check out what some of the Healer International Fans from Soompi have to say about their favorite scenes..

Do let us know, via comments, which Healer scene is your favorite and touched you the most.. We'll love to hear from all the Healer Fans..

And as always, spread the "Healer Love"! <3 <3 <3


  1. it will be unfair to name just one favourite... the whole drama is like unto one big ACT nonstop... linking everything as ONE.... you cannot pick one single moment that stand alone... the whole story flow from Act One Scene One of Ep One... until ep 20 last scene...even until the scene when they hug each other on rooftop.. unitl the NG scene where you got the unseen Cut scene where Jungwoo arm was treated by Youngshin, but you got to see ChangWook and MinYoung smiling in harmony... there is not a break, the whole scene whole show is faviourite every moment. ... and we believe and hope the favourite scenes is still ongpoing, and JungShin is still living somewhere else...
    we hope so...so the favourite scene is still being written directing acting on....
    we sincerely hope so.