More updates on the Director's Cut


The following have been decided so far:

★Basic package

 1. Director's cut episodes (1 - 20) - approximately 1,231 minutes
 2. Special features
 Commentaries - approximately 250 minutes
 (Episode 12 commentary & OTP commentary)
 Behind the scenes (including kissing and action scenes) - approximately 240 minutes
 Miscellaneous video clips (bloopers, pre-air press conference, poster shooting, script reading, mid-air press conference, etc.) - approximately 115 minites

*As they are still being worked on, the exact length of these can vary slightly.
We'll update the exact number of minutes as soon as they are finished.

 3. 2 kinds of postcards with printed autographs

 4. Book-bound scripts for all episodes

 5. Photobook (Confirmed to be 100 pages)

 ★Pre-order gifts

  1. Unreleased O.S.T. (Still in the talks)
     About 2-3 instrumental songs that are about 1:30 - 2 minutes long that did not get used in the episodes have been found and are currently being negotiated to be included.

 2. Unique number (doublesided Someday press pass - Park Bong-Soo & Chae Young-Shin) (applies to only the first 1,000 copies)
     #1 - 1000 for Blu-rays and #1 - 1000 for DVDs.

 3. Interview book
 (Actors Yoo Ji-Tae, Mee-Kyung Kim, Sang-Myun Park, Do Ji-Won, Sang-Won Park, & Sung-Beom Jang)

 4. 2 official posters

 5. Synopsis book

 ★Random gifts

1. Twenty bunny plushies (2 are signed by Ji Chang-Wook and Park Min-Young) (not applicable for international customers)
 - Will be shipped to 10 randomly chosen customers of Blu-ray and DVD each.

2. One hundred twenty autographs
Thirty autographs by Director Jung-Sup Lee
Thirty autographs by Director Kim Jin-Woo
Thirty autographs by Actor Ji Chang-Wook
Thirty autographs by Actress Park Min-Young

3. Three polaroid pictures
 Three polaroid pictures of Actor Ji Chang-Wook

4. Three banners that we dispalyed at the studio when recording the commentaries
 Signed by Director Lee Jung-Sup, Director Kim Jin-Woo, Actor Ji Chang-Wook, Actress Park Min-Young

- The random gifts will be mailed a few days after the DVDs/BDs are released.


- Currently, 1961 copies of the DVD have been pre-ordered. Only 39 left! Hop on over to Innolife ( to place your order now! 


  1. Dearly beloved all agassi and ahjumma, just wonder, do any of you know whether Healer is the only drama that garner such fans addiction and produced fan blog such as this Moru Moru, is Healer the only one that produced fan blog by fans ourselves ... and is Healer the only Kdrama that ever produced post production Director's cut DVD/BLUERAY? from what i know, i didnt heard of any other drama that garner such attentions from Crews that made them willing to produce DVD that include "behind scenes,,,, commentaries.... unreleased OST... synopsis book... bloopers..."
    if there are other dramas that fans did ever created blogs like this, which dramas is it? anyone know? and which drama beside Healer, ever produced very special Director's Cut preordered DVD like this? kindly let me know.
    am hoping Healer will be the One and Only, First and Foremost, breaking all norms First ever drama that garner such attention, hopefully, fans attentions will help Healer to gain some SPECIAL AWARD at year end KBS drama award. KBS must really acknowledge Healer in some ways, because of fans ardent devotion, isn't it?(love, Mary of bethany)

    1. This blog is a part of special project from Soompi Healer fan, haven't seen anther one yet.
      Usually a popular drama or a drama that has enough fans to buy DVD. There will be a Director's cut.
      From last year:
      Dramas releashed DVD's Directer's cut: The heirs, I hear your voice, My love from the star (this one also has Blue-ray one), Secret Love, Fate to love you, God's gif-14 days, It's ok that's love...
      Replay 1994 releashed limit DVD/Blue ray edition. Not Director's cut but similar content.
      Dramas will releashed Director's cut DVD/Blue Ray in the future:
      -Kill me heal me

    2. Add Gunman in Joseon and Spy to the list of Kdramas with Director's Cut DVD/BD.
      Normally, the efforts of fans to get a director's cut released are contained within Korea, but more and more fans are trying to incorporate international fans in the effort as well. However, copyright restrictions and other legal stuff can limit what international fans can get out of it.

  2. Was this DVD set ever actually produced? I found a listing for it on yesasia global but it already says it's out of print, but the release date was April 29th! And there is no listing at all for it on the regular yesasia site that ships to the US :(

    1. It is currently being produced and will come out on June 22. The producers have allotted 1,000 copies of the BD and 2,000 copies of the DVD for the pre-order, and the number of DVD copies they had assigned for YesAsia has sold out. Innolife still has DVDs for pre-order and they ship to the US.