Dear Ahjumma, from A Kimbap Lover


Q. Dearest Ajumma,

When the SS guards found your hideout, why, of all things, did you save your kimbap roller?
And it seemed like kimbap was the only food I saw you ate all drama long. Is kimbap the only food you know how to make?  Can you share us your recipe? :))

Your fan who is craving kimbap right now,

A. Dear Kimbap Lover,

What kind of question is that!? Are you just after my kimbap roller!?? Coz you ain't having it. Common, this ajhumma's got better things to do than share her recipes!! I'm the world's best hacker, don't you know!? I've got passwords to break, codes to hack and the world to save!! And all you can think of is how to get hold of my kimbap!?

It's a recipe I wouldn't even share with Healer, what makes you think I'd give it to you!? It's a very special recipe, and nutritious too - which is why you'll see me stuffing my face with it every time! No, it's not the only food I can make, but it tastes damn good, that's why it's the only food I CHOOSE to make.

Plus, who's got time to do some actual cooking when Healer is on the run. Have you not seen the way I work, I barely have time to go to the toilet, never mind cook!! 

As for your cravings, my advice is, before you settle down to watch more episodes of Healer, sit with a plate of food!! Coz seeing me on screen with a roll of kimbap is bound to make you hungry!! And if you're that desperate, why don't you try rolling some yourself? Should I find you a manual on how to roll the world's best kimbap? 

Now go satisfy your craving, and let this ajhumma know how it turns out. Send in a pic too if you like, then I can laugh at it and compare it to mine, coz you know, mine come out perfect, every single time! 

Peace out,