HIFP - Episode Recaps with a Comic Twist


Are you missing Healer already ?

Have you already watched the Episode more than 20 times?

Have you run out of FMVs to watch ?

Did you make so many origami stars that your home is now overflowing with them ?

Are you looking for something new ?

Don't worry!

The HIFP Team to the rescue!

We present to you , episodic recaps, comic style :)

In case you are accessing from mobile, please access the comics here.


  1. healarious comics style.....

  2. OMG so good! @Ahpheng and @NRGchick, my friends... you have truly outdone yourselves!!

  3. Oh wow. 77 comic strips.
    Well done, Ahpheng and NRGChick!

  4. WOW... i bet the higher ratings, Punch's fans and Shine's fans will never go such extra miles to make all THESE..and they will never be such talented bunch like all these... DAEBAK!.. now is mid nights, and i still refuse to sleep watching those comic strips... trying to remember those golden moments. i strongly believe, if Chang Wook or Min Young or Writer Song read these, they will really be touched and cry even.

  5. wowww its awesome. yhx u healer team. healer fans is amazing. missing healer so much.

  6. specially liked comic #10, #31, #38, #41, #44, #53, #60 #70. really Healerious!!!

  7. thanks a lot for your hard work..love you from morocco :) :)

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  9. Oh wow!!! This is awesome!!! Love it!!!