Dear Ahjumma, from A Delusional Fan


Q: Dear Ahjumma,

What happened to you and Detective Yoon? Will you give him a chance?  He seems to be a lost cause without you. Please let me know what you think about this idea, Ahjumma!

A: Dear fan-who-seems-clearly-delusional,

How old do you think I am? And to date? You must be clearly dreaming if you think that there's one hair of a chance of me dating my hoobae.

And Yoon, of all people? He's totally out of my league, and I wouldn't touch him even with a 10m wooden pole, mind you. Sure, it's amusing to tease him and watch his handsome face frown with confusion, but that doesn't mean I'm into him. No way.

Not a chance.

Peace out,

P.S. I am NOT into Det. Yoon. Definitely not! Nuh-uh. Never will be. Not EVER!