Dear Ahjumma, from A Lonely Boy


Q. Dear Ahjumma,

In ep 19 and also part of ep 20, Seo Jeong Hoo was recording himself in his secret apartment confessing to all of the crimes he had committed as Healer, answering questions that I guess Chae Young wrote for him, so I came to think that was plan B that he would turn himself in to the cops in order to get the elder, however in the end they made it seem like Park Bong Soo was the one who had commited all the crimes, well the real Park Bong Soo and Seo Jeong Hoo could just live normally with Chae Young. So my question is, then why did Jeong Hoo recorded himself saying all those confession? That wasn't plan B in the first place, maybe I missed a detail in the story but that part I didn't get.

A: Dear curious-fan,

Maybe Jung-hoo ya is nuts? Who knows. Most of the time what he does doesn't make sense to me. He lacks logic, and that pisses me off. If you give Jung-hoo an ounce, he'll go for a... Anyway, I'll refrain from asking questions relating his sanity, because most of the time, I believe he has lost his marbles. Or maybe his balls are rolling around in Chae Young-shin's purse. He's insane, and that's a fact.

I believe that he didn't want to turn himself into the police, after all, we've got a badge on our side. But I think Jung-hoo recorded himself (without my permission, no less!) to show-off. He's like that. Idiot.

Hope that answers your curiosity.

Peace out,

P.S. I have nothing against Chae Young-shin. After all, she's the tether that keeps him at bay, without flying out like a stupid
wingless bat!