A poll about the pre-order gift posters


We'd like to hear from you about the 2 posters that are currently included in the pre-order gifts for the Healer Director's Cut BD/DVD set.

We have been continuously receiving comments on these posters.

Many were not in favor of receiving posters as part of the pre-order gifts because they are difficult to store (possibility of getting moldy when kept in a tube) and they're not very practical.

As the Initiative Team discussed within ourselves and with the distributor and the production companies, we've come to the conclusion that while we can't change the images we were authorized to use for the posters, we can change the format to postcards instead.

This is where we would like your input.

1. I want to receive 2 Healer POSTERS as originally planned.

*Pro: you can enjoy the images in larger size:
(For international orders, the posters will be folded as tubes are difficult to ship internationally.)

*Con: it is not very practical and difficult to store.

2. I want to receive them in the same size as the postcards.

*Pro: Easy storage due to its small size.

*Con: The images will be smaller.

We will open a poll for a week (5/13 - 5/20) to hear from you.

Please don't dismiss this lightly and cast your vote.



Thank you.