Kim Mi Kyung as Jo Min Ja


Kim Mi Kyung as Jo Min Ja

There's so much I want to say about her. Of all the dramas of her that I watched, it must be one of her best roles so far. Her acting was great. I was looking for a screencap of her smiling but I didn't find one. She was mostly serious and eccentric, and it worked perfectly for her. This drama wouldn't be the same without her antics, her singing or even the way she talks. She's very different from anything I've seen, but at the same time this Ajumma is truly the best.

What I liked most about her is that she wasn't just another side character. Her role was important and it made a lot of difference in the end. Firstly, she was an important member in the Healer team. Her hacking and computer skills were really useful throughout the drama. Secondly, I loved her motherly conversations with Jung Hoo. Even though they never actually met, she always helped him and gave him advices. Thirdly, she supported our OTP and helped bring them together, twice. Thinking about it, her acquaintance with Dong Won also helped a lot to 
turn things around.

By rrmski