Life of a Healerite: first snow and elevators!


True Story...

As I was witnessing the chaos of a 5 year old pizza making birthday party,  I glanced out the  window and flurries were starting to fall. 

Like Jung-hoo, I reached out my hand tried to touch it and my friend standing next to me said “First Snow”. We looked at her other and started giggling like the little girls at the party . Haha 
Of course I put my hand down since I’m sure I looked like an idiot trying to touch flurries indoors.

I view elevators and office stairs differently now. I find myself checking out each new elevator I step in to see if Healer can get in if I needed rescuing. I’m sure my office stairs are pretty safe but I always stop to look up to see if Healer is a couple floors up protecting me as I walk downstairs humming to my favorite tune. 

Healer and Ji Chang Wook, I am Eternally Yours. ♥


  1. Omg :D Whoa. I thought I am the only one who sees the elevators in a new light after watching Healer. This strange comforting feeling I get that Healer is there to save me. I also wait for Healer to come and protect me. Lol.
    I am glad I am not the only one. ;)