Holding Hands


Holding Hands

Just like all interactions between our couple, I find the hands holding to be very meaningful. And it's not just the hand locking itself which I think is very beautiful but also the smallest hands gestures which turned out to be just as important. I noticed there were a lot of hand interactions that provided support and comfort. For example: the hand caresses, when they touched each other faces or when he used his hand to hold her head. Not many dramas use it to the fullest and give it such attention like they did in Healer. It's perfect to quote the Q&A of Song Ji Na regarding the matter. "Yes, I like holding hands. The contact, the connection, the warmth that spreads through the hand... things like that."

By rrmski


  1. RMSKI,YES. truly, a good solid drama don't just reply on some passionate kiss scenes and some under bedsheet moments to portray feels and passions... in truth heart wrenching touching moments are the contrite , constraint, controlled feelings moments... the silent, the untouched, the unseen moments...moments like those, when after the press conference in the lift, Jung Hoo sensed Young shin;s fear of the lift, he steped backward and try to use his fingers to gently touched her hands to find a way to hold her hands to strengthened her, yet when she immediately grabbed his hands, his surprise and awe expressions, he received much more than he expected, something he has never wanted to experienced, and has started to hope and desire, this grabbing of her hands, was itself an encouragement of his confessions right after this, at the rooftop after a beer.... "maybe, maybe, i can just grab this hand that grab mine, and hold on this forever... forsaking healer and that moru moru island, ..." .. for her alone, he is willing to become whatever she want him to be, as long as she stay beside him, anywhere is moru moru island.
    to me, one of the best scene in Healer, was this, and the rooftop scene. ...Healer provide the best passion display thru some touches of the hands... not just kisses or hugs... the best in Korean drama history.