Dear Ahjumma, from An Obsessed-with-Healer's-love-life Fan


Q: Dear Ajumma,

Do you know how far JH and YS relationship is? How far you expect/predict their relationship? Did you has predicted the 'white bedding' thing when you know YS found JH? lol. XD  AND If Healer have 1 special episode for epilogue, will we get to see 'baby surprise' and JH&YS wedding?  the baby comes before or after the married? XD Thank you ^^

A: Dear obsessed-with-healer's-love-life fan, If there's one thing I don't know and don't WANT to know, it's about
Jung-hoo's love-life. The boy's gone through thick and thin, but I'd NEVER ask about his relationship with Young-shin. It's puke-worthy in my opinion. There's a limit to how much cheese I can digest. And I'm a woman, Jung-hoo's clingyness disgusts me. Urgh. I heard they bought a
goldfish, and apparently it's some code language. I am super awesome with code language but this is plain gibberish.

Ask me anything. Anything but a superhero's love life. Urgh.

Peace out,

P.S. Does this make sense: "It happened six times. But I have the energy for more"? I heard it through the comms. And a baby surprise?