Life of a Healerite: Waaaeeee!?


True story...

For a new project that I'm working on, I have to collaborate with a team that sits in a different location than ours.. so there's this guy, who's a Korean btw (he has a korean last name, so that's how I figured), who we are working with.. He works off of a different location, but comes every Mon-Wed to my office location, for discussions, meetings and what not..

Now, I first met this guy like a couple weeks back (he used to come before that too, but I was on vacation then).. We started talking, he's quite friendly.. and I think this Monday he told me about his love for Indian food & we started talking about other things we had in common, besides work.. And all this while, I kept thinking - this guy's korean, I should try some of those korean words that I've so ardently learnt, but never used on anyone, Lol, on this guy! And that thought made so excited, I had finally found a lab rat!! :)

So, yesterday, he kept coming to my desk again and again, for some discussion/clarification.. and I was on calls non-stop, so had to always pause, answer him, and then return back to my work.. So finally, when he stopped by for like nth time, I said, Waeee.. (that Seo Jung-hoo's trademark draggy wae, LOL) and OMG! You should've seen the surprise on his face, Lol! I was so embarrassed.. He didn't say anything about my 'failed attempt at korean' Lol, and I tried to answer his query as quickly as possible, & just focused intently at my computer afterwards! :)

After he went back to his desk, he PM'ed me like an hour later, and asked 'did you just speak Korean to me?'  And I told him that I know a bunch of korean words due to my love for kdramas and kpop.. He just smiled.

I had meetings all day today, so wasn't at my desk all day.. When I reached my desk at like 3 PM today, I saw a note on my desk, next to my computer.. It said - " works on the office network. Thought you might wanna know. You know, for your drama addiction."  :D

Of course, by then he had left, but I was all smiles after seeing that note.. LOL! It was totally unexpected and it felt wonderful. :)


  1. dearie.. actually the koreans living among us are usually quite "home-sick" of their culture and bonds with other Koreans... so once a while we throw some unpolished korean words at them, they responded happily. i know, cause for more than 10 years i have been working among Korean college students in my country, they came from all walks of life, all ages, all characters... but one thing in common always, they are united for their love for their fellowmen and their country, and their Kimichi (of cause).. so if some happened to land up quite alone in some class or workplace... they will feel totally "out"... so its nice of us, nice a while to speak to them in some korean words, just to make them feel better, and feel a little proud that other countries people do loved Koreans and Korea, whether is it generated from Kdrama or Kpop... they actually don't mind. (just a two sense worth thoughts).-- mary bethany