HIFP Introduction Letter to the Cast and Crew


When a butterfly flutters its wings in one part of the world,

it can eventually cause a hurricane in another.

- Edward Lorenz's Chaos Theory

Dear writer nim Song Ji-Na and the Entire Cast and Crew of  Healer, 

I am writing on behalf of the entire organizers of this International Fan Project and all the International Fans who have participated in it. Thank you so much for creating this piece of work - HEALER. Needless to say, we really enjoyed watching the drama. But for us, it was more than that. It went beyond the regular form of entertainment where it was limited to mindless fangirl-ing and basically having a good time loving the OTP and hating anyone who came between them. 

Healer has literally overtaken our lives for the past 2 months ! We have spent almost every waking hour thinking about Healer and every night dreaming about it! We come from different parts of the world, from various age groups, pursue different vocations. Most of us have been watching Korean Dramas for a long time. What makes HEALER a cut above the rest, is that it made us think, feel, analyze and retrospect! The story and its characters are definitely why we were hooked but all the actors brought these characters to life for us! Everything and everyone related to this production seem to seamlessly fit! 

Media has always been a powerful form of communication. It has the capacity to portray, convey and inspire. It is a shame that most forms of entertainment these days are focused on profits. People view them for distractions from daily life. It is a vicious circle that needs to be broken. Nothing wrong in generating profits, but we are so focused on surviving that we forget to live.

Most of the International Fans were very surprised and understandably upset to see poor ratings for HEALER. Considering the amount of craze there has been for HEALER online, we could not understand why it wasn't generating the same response in S.Korea. One of my favorite authors was recently asked by a fan, about his opinion that the book Fifty Shades of Grey sold more copies than the classic books by Ray Bradbury. In his very unique witty manner, Neil Gaiman replied that even though FSOG sold a million copies, it will soon be replaced by another "bestseller" and eventually be forgotten. But even a hundred years down the line, books by Ray Bradbury will still be well-known and well read. That is exactly who we feel about HEALER. The essence of the story and the portrayal of the characters will find resonances despite the time and age!

Very rarely we do come across a drama that tells a story that not only has romance, comedy and action but also has a social message that makes us stop and analyze the things happening around us. Makes us realize that the small things we do, might have huge consequences. From a grieving mother in Jordan, to an aspiring journalist in Panama, from America to Africa to Europe and Asia, you have entertained and inspired a LOT of people from almost over 80 countries!!! You have set the standard very high and we are afraid no other  regular Korean drama with senseless angst and over dramatic storyline will now be able to satisfy us. So we decided that to give something back! 

Let me start by explaining the concept of the Project. Since the Healer can be contacted through his email account, we tried sending emails to the address healer@moebius.com. We did not get any response. We thought, maybe Ajhumma changed it to protect his identity. So we became night couriers ourselves and set up a separate account for him. After seeing Chae Young Shin's successful attempt, fans from all over the world have sent him (and the Entire team) messages, fanarts, fanfictions, fanvideos, audio messages and date requests to this new email from ALL OVER THE WORLD! They are eagerly waiting for him to respond! 

The email has another function. It has Google Translate embedded in it. Since most of the fans do not read or speak Korean, we hope that using this tool you might be able to understand our messages. We have also made available a small glimpse of the extent of the International Fandom that Healer has all across the globe, in a Dropbox account specially made for this purpose. Please view in the given order for maximum effect :)   

For both accounts {GMail + DropBox}, use the following Login details -

ID - healer.moebius.2015@gmail.com
Password - ************

It isn't much, but we tried our best to do what we could in under two weeks! I am afraid that most of it is in English as it is the only common language among us, but using the GTranslate option, hopefully you shall be able to view and read all the messages and fanarts and fanvidoes. We hope that you like it. We would like to request you to please shoot a reaction video of each and everyone one associated with the Drama  viewing the project and give their feedback. It would mean the WORLD to us! Also, for all your future endeavors, kindly tap into the International market for ratings. We will put the ones in South Korea to shame. 

Thank You,
A Fan


  1. Awesome job by the project team putting this together. Of course when you have an awesome Drama it's worth the while. Congrats!

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  3. "even though FSOG sold a million copies, it will soon be replaced by another "bestseller""... said yourself.
    so right, let's be reminded that no matter how high a mountain, another will raise up to reach higher, and whosoever standing at the peak, cannot last forever.. at any times, its NOT quantity that counts, ... even if My Love From The Star garner millions, zillions.. it will not stand at the peak forever, years later another drama will overtake it...So what even if Healer failed in overall rating? what matters is to this hundreds of thousands fans, some of us are really changed, inspired, motivated, like never before.... and to even that few thousands, or maybe hundreds of us, we are touched in ways even beyond what our friends or family members can do to us... some of your drama lines wakes some of us up, some of the characters isnpried us to stand fighting, some characters encourage us to wait or trust when everyone doubt... some fans formed a cliques becoming friends forever....some tuirns to our ahjumma beside us and started to appreciate them. ... some finally started to seek "the Real Me"....
    so what the damn about raiting? Do we really want a Zillions of screaming fan-girls wailing, but yet will forget Healer when another drama raises in no time, a zillions of fan-girls that move on to worship another handsome hunk when drama ended...
    or do we want just simply a few thousands only fans, that seriously have their life changed once for all become of someone / some lines / some story plot in Healer, maybe just a few thousands or hundreds fans will loved Healer, remembered Healer, always memorised certain words Young Shin or Jung Hoo, or Moon Ho said, to inspire us every time somethings happens in our life. ..
    10 or 20 years later, we will tell our children or grandchildren one day, ... "there was this drama, this character said this... which changed me, teached me, created me... the "Real Me"...... (a grateful grain at the Moru Moru island, mary of bethany)