Life of a Healerite: Hairy armpits!


True story...

It reminded me of what happened 2 nights ago when I was out with my good friend (single) and her colleagues. One colleague suggested for us to visit her good friend whom she described as a bachelor, rides a Harley, cute small eyes, wavy hair, no girlfriend except for 2 black and white puppies. I jumped at the idea and even offered to drive to this bachelor's pad. You see, I have been trying to play cupid to my single friend for the longest time and this was a perfect opportunity. He greeted us at the door and eventhough he was not a hunk, he was okay looking with a nice smile and friendly. Did I mention he was wearing a wife beater shirt? Anyway, for whatever reason he stood up, lifted up his arms and flashed his armpits for all to see. My reaction ? I stared, stared and stared some more, I could feel my jaw dropping...why? ....


His armpit has NO hair, BALD!!!!
Needless to say, I didn't even try to matchmaker him with my friend,
no armpit hair = a big NO   

By Ahpheng