Updates on the release date and # of disks


1. The release date for Healer Director's Cut DVD and Blu-ray has been postponed from late May to June 22nd (Mon).
We are sorry for the delay, but it was inevitable as the process of checking the footage and requesting for more got repeated and the time to edit them took longer because of the film format.

2. The number of disks has been finalized as 13 instead of 12. This is something the Initiative Team and the distributor worked hard on to achieve. As result, there will be 10 disks for the episodes and 3 disks of special features.

3. The total length of special features has increased to 700 minutes.

*The exact length is subject to change once the postproduction is completed.

  - Poster shooting (50 minutes)
  - Pre-air press conference (20 minutes)
  - Mid-air press conference  (20 minutes)
  - Highlights (3 minutes)
  - Script reading (60 minutes)
  - Teaser (1 minute 30 seconds)
  - Bloopers (65 minutes)
  - Episode previews (11 minutes)
  - Behind the scenes (70 minutes of action scenes / 120 minutes of other key scenes / 50 minites of kissing scenes including various angles)
  - Commentaries (130 minutes, episode 12 and OTP scenes)
  - Commentary studio scenes (10inites)
  - Interviews (90 minutes, Directors Lee Jung-Sub and Kim Jin-Woo and Actors Ji Chang-Wook and Park Min-Young)

 *We have requested for recordings of the Wrap-Up party, but it was confirmed that nothing was shot. Somilarly, no footage is available of Actor Ji Chang-Wook's recording of singing the OST, so we have asked for the recording from KBS Entertainment Inside.

4. The episodes reedited by the Director (1-20, 1,231 minutes)
-The director has eagerly worked on  and reediting the whole episodes. It's been confirmed that about 2 minutes have been removed from and 10 minutes of new scenes have been added to the broadcast version.


  1. Is there any chance that any of the extras will be subtitled in English?

  2. Unfortunately no, they won't do it because of budget restrictions.