Dear Ahjumma, from wanderer!


Q: Dear ahjumma i realized after reading few msgs that i cant ask you about your mysterious recipe of kimbap but ahjumma i'm wondering was it the only meal for you !! aaah ahjumma you dressed up very well :v <3


A: Dear wanderer,

Don't think I don't know what you're up to!! Flattery will not get you my Kimbap recipe, ever!! Though, I must admit, it feels good having people acknowledge my love of kimbap. Makes a biiiiiiiiiig difference from all those trashy"HEALER SARANGHE" messages I've been getting *vomits*

And thank you for complimenting my dress sense too - I TOTALLY rock knitwear!!!  But on the odd occasion, I like dolling up too - I get my styling tips from 2ne1 (shhhh don't tell nobody). 

From Ahjumma