Dear Ahjumma, from "Just checking..."


Q: Dear ahjummahyaa i know that i'm bothering you by texting you like this  but i just cannot stop myself i just want to make sure that you are doing good taking care of you health and having your meals on time ^^ i'm always checking on oppa & onnie' news i've heard that both are doing very well and i was glad and thankful for that ^^   ahjumma  find  some free time  and  go to a lovely calm place with your family for  a picnic and make it funny and enjoy the journey with them after working so hard in healer as a hacker you really deserve a loooong vacation keep in touch ahjumma and please be safe i love you anyoong ^^   


A: Dear "just checking up on you",

Waah, you really do care about this cranky old ahjumma don't you!! You're lucky I'm in one of my better moods today, so I won't snap at you for bugging the hell out of me. And since I'm already going out of my way to reply to this email of yours, I may as well send you this link:

Yes, I know, 내가 제일 잘 나가 - tell me something I don't already know!! Now bugger off, Han Sae!! 

From Ahjumma