Dear Ahjumma, from miss love/hate


Q: I love you!!! I like the way you ajumma style.. 
I wanna ask you a few questions: 

1. How come we never see you sleep? Normally how long did you sleep?

 2. Why did you always cursed Jung Hoo with bad words such as "Dog Poop?" He is so cute and you not supposed to call him like that ok..we called him "puppy"

3. Have you ever been to Malaysia?

Thats all..i hope you gonna reply my questions..thanks ajumma...



A: Dear Ms. Loves Me But Hates Me too,

First of all... Choose a side! *hits your head with my kimbap roller*

You start your letter saying how much you love me and ends it giving me orders (ME!) to not call Jung-hoo names. How many personalities do
you have? It's like I'm dealing with Shin Se-gi and Cha Do-hyun here. A little advice, don't EVER dream of meeting them! They're idiots in real life.

I do sleep, like a normal person. Sleep is a need, you know. But then, do you advertise your sleeping patterns? No? Then do you think I would? Aiiish! I have to deal with stupid lumpheads like you.. *hits my head with the kimbap roller*

I call Jung-hoo whatever I think is bloody suitable to him. He might look like a cute, adorable puppy with that 100 watt smile, those big eyes that you want to drown in, that nice, nice broad shoulder...But... But. I-I forgot what I was going to say... Oh, yes. If you think 'puppy' suits him, be my guest. Afterall, it's amusing to throw
him into hot-cold situations and watch him squirm like a worm. Haha.

I haven't been to Malaysia, but I've hacked into the country records. It's a real pleasant country, and I would love to visit it. Oh, maybe those two puke-worthy lovebirds can visit Malaysia for their honey- I've said too much.

Peace out,

P.S. You DID NOT see that last line. *hypnotises you with my hard drive swinging from the wire* Yoon, stay out of it!