Jung-hoo's countless list of feels! - Episodes 1&2


One of the things I loved about this drama is the natural progression of our main couple. The writer made sure to include at least one scene every episode which, without a shadow of a doubt, made the audience's heart flutter. And not once did they feel meaningless, but rather, they served the narrative purpose as a way of bringing the characters to life, allowing us to feel each and every emotional beat along the way. So here's presenting you with a list of feels, starting with episodes 1&2.
Jung Hoo's countless list of feels!

Episode 1-2:


The start of their fate - the moment she fell into him on the bus. Even though he wasn’t the slightest bit phased by her at this point, I do like how he caught hold of her, just like he continued to do throughout all the other episodes. It seems he was destined to protect her from harm, and support her in times of need, be it by encouraging her fighting spirit or catching her when she falls. In true Healer spirit, he’s always got her back.

That incredulous look on his face tho! Thinking that pulling out a strand of hair would be no big deal, her decision to cover her head (due to her sixth sense) at that point forced him to look at her differently. Ah the sparks of clashing romance. The moment that she does finally catch his attention, she proves too much for him to handle, always a step ahead of the game. And I love how he recognises that throughout this scene, for he’s both perplexed and annoyed that she’s making the job harder than it has to be. He knows at this point how sharp she is, and recognises it to be a quality that disrupts his Healer ways. It’s no wonder that he describes her as being one of his “hardest jobs” during his video interview in episode 20 – he’s had to contend with her fearless nature!

A moment of truth – I do love how he’s always the one facing her. Be it from afar, up close, or from a reflection in the mirror. He’s always the one to notice her first, observe her carefully before making any decisions with regards to his actions/feelings. Only Song Ji Nah could craft out a scene which would combine elements of truth, fear, sadness and humour, all into one. The fact that Yong Shin is tied down by her traumatic past, triggering a violent reaction in her making it difficult for her to breathe, is hard hitting, especially from an audience’s perspective. But when we trace Jung Hoo’s emotions alongside Yong Shin’s fear and panic, it’s reassuring to know that he prioritises human emotions before anything else – the moment she alerts him to being in pain, he releases her, gradually, and with care, noticing her pained reaction in the broken mirror. With Yong Shin, her safety has always come first, from the moment they first met. He’s commanding in this scene, but he sure is attentive to her needs as well, as he leaves her with sincere advice - not to trust just anyone. 

The incredulous look is back, lol but this time, he digs a little deeper, and finds it difficult to believe that Yong Shin is a reporter, noticing her lack of skill when it comes to covering her tracks. He can’t believe he’s doing this job, and yet, he’s still fascinated by her enough to give ajhumma an open commentary about how he views her. All his baseless assumptions about her smartly build up to the next scene, where he finds himself emoting with her past, seeing her yet again, from a different light.

A moment of empathy - ah that look. I must say, Ji Chang Wook was exceptional when it came to portraying those slight nuances which came about in fleeting emotions. When he finds her on the rooftop, healing the pain of others, disregarding her own, Jung Hoo yet again views her in a different light, and observes her from afar. He both sees and hears her sincerity, and is somewhat captivated by it, if only due to his own feelings of abandonment. It’s a rare moment where for the first time in years, he sees his own reflection in somebody else, and that’s none other than Young-shin - a brilliant scene which connected the pain of both our leads, tying their fate neatly along the way.

The sealing of fate – I friggin’ loved the end of episode 2, that hint of a smirk when he comes face to face with his own picture on Yong-shin’s wall. Sometimes, a smile can be so revealing; other times, it conceals a myriad of truths, waiting to be inferred by readers. And it’s moments like this that you really come to appreciate a writer who knows how much to divulge, without giving it all away. That’s why we’re able to talk at length, analyse and indulge in the breaking down of scenes – it’s what makes drama watching so fun. Especially a drama like Healer.

For the first time in his life, Jung Hoo finds himself a part of someone else’s dreams, perhaps. He’s not certain at this point, but even the slightest possibility of it intrigues him enough to want to stay close to Yong Shin; his remaining by her side due to his being in danger or, to fulfil Moon Ho’s request immediately become secondary. From this moment, it’s his own curiosity he wishes to quench, and that smile at the end, said it all.

By namedx

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  1. Great analysis Namedx! I really enjoy reading your well written thoughts. Keep them coming. We all know how truly magical Healer is. Thanks!