Fan messages: Your emails to the cast and crew!!


As part of the Healer International Fan Project, we healerites decided to send e-mails of appreciation to the cast and crew for giving us such a fabulous drama! In true Healer fashion, these e-mails were sent to an address which we hoped, would reach writer Song Ji Nah, and the rest of the cast and crew, personally. Happy to say, writer Song Ji Nah not only received these messages, but shared them with the others too. Though they may not have all been read, due to the language barrier, it was a nice way of showcasing just how well loved Healer was on an international footing, and it was most humbling of writer Song Ji Nah to have acknowledged our efforts. So, we felt it only fair that these e-mails be shared on the blog for all to see - who knows, the cast and crew of Healer may also be lurking around the blog, murmuring "daeeebak" at all the fan responses!