Dear Ahjumma, from A DIE HARD HEALER FAN


Q: Dear Ahjumma,

First and foremost, I salute you for being the great tech hacker genius behind Healer!  Love your quirky way of handling things, the concern you have for Jung Hoo and the Healer gang and your penchant for singing, dancing, knitting and kimbap making. As a diehard Healer fan, I'm still having difficulty moving on from Healer and I'm still thinking of "what ifs" and other scenarios to things that happened in the past episodes.  Yes, Healer has ended but I do have a few questions for you, I hope you'll give time to answer them... please. Note that some questions may not be part of the Healer storyline but it would be interesting (and fun!) to hear your thoughts on it also:

1) Now that you have reunited with Detective Yoon, do you think there's a chance for a loveline there?  I mean he seems so smitten with you.

2)  Jung Hoo mentioned that his most memorable case was when he was asked to find a girl (who happens to be Young Shin), would you say this was your memorable case also?

3)  Who do you think is the better Healer?  Jung Hoo or his Teacher?

Thanks so much for reading this and answering our questions! Missing Healer!

A: Dear fan-who-is-buttering-me-up,

That's a lot of butter, I wonder if I'll slip. Thank you for
appreciating my skills. If you want, I can send you some e-books for knitting. Or not. I don't care.

About your questions: REALLY?!

1. Why is everybody so concerned about my not-relationship with that spectacled lizard? Really, don't you have anything else? Ship me with Won Bin, with Han Jung-woo, hell even Ji Chang-wook! But Det. Yoon? Really? Nope, nothing's going on with us. But no, you may not have his phone number. You think I'm a matchmaker?

2. I have so many memorable scenes, and don't believe everything Jung-hoo says. He's a sap and a huge lump of cheese. That video recording- total show-off. But my memorable scenes are EPIC. I'm sorry, but who are you to me, to share my memorable scenes with?

3. Both are spineless, wingless bats in need of a good scolding. Perverts, both of them. But clearly, Jung-hoo got the happy end of the stick. I heard they purchased a goldfish yesterday. I'm not fond of either of them, don't take me wrong. They are annoying me that sometimes I mess my kimbap too. I NEVER mess my kimbap! They both are
pains in my unmentionables, and I'll gladly wring both of their necks. Annoying boys of mine. Both can kick ass, that's for sure. But I kick their asses!

Peace out,

P.S. Ring me up if you want my personal experiences. Or not. I don't care.