Review ep 1 - Confident Healer and promising OTP


Review - Episode 1: Confident Healer and promising OTP

I don't remember much about how I feel from the first time I watched this ep. Because i watched first 4 eps in a row. Some thoughts at that time: 

- I didn't confuse about the plot in ep1 like some did, quite enjoy 1980 scene since I like this period of Korea in drama/movie.

- An introduce ep that was interesting enough to watch without skip any part but i was not really sold there or found it stand out compare to other dramas.

-Feel strangely interested with OTP just through their first glimpse scene together even there is nothing new ....falling in a bus scene.

(really like his facial expressions and the way he hold her, i can feel Healer's confident, quick react with sudden things, really cool! even more than his action scene in this ep).

I had rewatched this ep several times when i waited for other eps. But only because of addiction, do not focus much.
Yesterday, I carefully watched ep 1 again.

Extend thoughts:

- I really like how our drama begins, a screen of tracking map (certainly belong to our hacker ajumma) zoom up to abandoned building then go through inside to Healer's lair. (i love Healer's place, it's so unique, most impressive accommodation of main lead in K-drama for me. It is an unforgetable filming place for JCW too, i believe.)

- Still find shirtless scene is funny unnecessary. (maybe despite of living untidy Junghoo cares a lot about his personal hygiene, can not go out to work with so much sweat, need to take a shower LOL. He does it once again at the end of ep 14, begin of ep 15, need to get shower even being too weak)

- "You must believe me. I'm Healer". Love the line and his visual here. Confident Healer is always charismatic bonus JCW's side profile with Healer's cloths, cap, hair style here ♥♥(i don't often fangirl about actor Ji's visual or any other actor but there are certain scenes in our drama i love about his)

-Junseok's smile when five friends were doing illegal radio broadcast ♥♥

-I remember how i like young Moonsik when the first time i saw him in 1980 scene, have some new thought about this character. But maybe i will talk about him in separate review when i finish this round of rewatching Healer.

- I feel pity for brother relationship between MH-MS. When i saw this ep first time, knew there is problem in their relationship, i wished it can go better but....

-Some other relationship are promisingly pleseant to watch: Healer-Hacker ajumma, Youngshin-Appa Chae.

Beside some main filming places (Healer's lair, Someday new, Coffee bay, Moonsik's house, MH's apartment...), there are many car, gara, rooftop scenes in Healer so beside rewatching i also do the counting. lol

Side notes:

2 Gara scenes: : 1-YS, 1-MH
1 Car scenes: MH
2 Action scenes: 1- JH, 1- Healer 1 Team

Review by Seinhi