Yoo Ji Tae as Kim Moon Ho


Yoo Ji Tae as Kim Moon Ho

I love them both: the actor and the character he's playing. Yoo Ji Tae doesn't act in many dramas so I'm happy that he chose this excellent drama. He has a lot of charisma, charming smile and great acting skills. I particularly like that his eyes are expressive and how they get teary in the emotional scenes.

His character in Healer is the best 2nd lead I've ever seen and my favorite as well. He wasn't involved in love triangle and he wasn't evil character. Usually, those two things make me dislike 2nd leads. At some point I wasn't sure about his character but thankfully I was proven wrong. I enjoyed watching his scenes as a journalist especially after he arrived to Someday News. I also liked the touching conversations with Myung Hee, Jung Hoo and Young Shin.

By rrmski