Thank you for the Thank You Note!!


HIFP has been so meaningful to all of us associated with it. We got this brilliant opportunity to interact with amazing Healer fans all over the globe as well as make Healer Int'l Fandom somewhat known to the cast and crew of Healer.

Alongside so many positives we've gained in our HIFP journey, it feels even more incredible to be appreciated for our (rather minimal) contribution in this fantastic joint effort by all Healer fans worldwide!!

A very special thanks and a shoutout to @sia3 (Soompi) for this utterly beautiful Thank You note to the HIFP Team!! @sia3, you rock!! We love you! <3

We're so glad that all you amazing Healer fans enjoyed and still are enjoying our HIFP contributions and MoruMoruIsland Blog!

Kamsahamnida!! <3 <3 <3