Life of a Healerite: My Healer Routine!


True story...

Healer every Monday and Tuesday night. So all day on Monday I'm always excited for the night time, it's Healer time. I always check in all k drama site for raw video next day check again for subbed video.. Since I broke my laptop I need to borrow my niece laptop for that or sometimes using my mobile phone... After 4 episodes in Korea,  it shows on KBSworld tv. We have kbsworld tv, I'm gonna watch again the past 4 episodes.. 
Every monday and tuesday night the time of Healer in Kbsworld is our dinner time, it's a huge problem cause our tv and kitchen quite distance. So ask my family to have early dinner just to fit the time for Healer. Next is my dish washing chores it's stuck for an hour because of Healer.. And in the afternoon had encore from last night episodes. Here I am watch again and my lunch time dishes are filled up again in the sink... So my Mondays and Tuesdays are very hectic for Healer.... That's my Healer moment.... So many times I been watching episodes of Healer.

1.raw video ep 1-20
2. Subbed video ep 1-20
3. Kbsworld tv shown  ep 1-20
4. Encore at afternoon  ep 1-20
5. Another encore every saturday night at kbsworld. Ep 1-20

So every week I end up watching Healer 10x..
I don't like Healer but I LOVE HEALER...
Addicted to Healer.. 
Healer is the best!! ♥