Dear Ajhumma, from healer hacked brain


Q. Dear Ahjumma,

I am one of Healer fans from Indonesia, and still stuck with Healer till today xP

I am wondering if why Healer keeps hacking into my brain 
That's why I decided to write this email to hacker Ahjumma.

I wanna ask about your past life, and you might curse me in Korea language with Russian accent xD

1. Ahjumma, if you can turn back time, will you accompany your son at the hospital or will you do the same? 

*Sorry for such a cliche question, but I like what if questions xDD*

2. Ahjumma, what hairstyle do you prefer these days? The last time I saw you at the airport your hair was straight hair. Did you do that hairstyle as a service to Detective Yoon? I think seaweed hairstyle suits you because you love Kimbab, don't you? Is it tastier to eat Kimbab without cutting it into small pieces like you do?? My Mom will think I am crazy if I eat it  without cutting it into small pieces.

It is a pleasure if I can get a reply from you because I know that you only reply emails containing money xD

Best regards,



A. Dear Healer hacked brain,

*cursing away at you in Russian and Korean whilst typing* 

Aiiish, no wonder Healer's head hasn't been screwed on properly these past few days, it's because he's been too busy hacking into everyone else's stupid head! He's an obsessive clinger I tell you!! Clings onto this dear Ahjumma, clings onto Yong-shin, and now he's clinging onto you guys - that poop head.

Your "what if" questions are the bane of my I look like a flippin palm reader to you!!? You $**%(£*^*

Well, if you must know, not that it's any of your business, I'm currently rocking the princess Leia look these day - what, you think this Ajhumma can't do Star Wars!? I'll be rocking 2ne1's Sandara Park's hairstyle soon - then, I'll really look the part!! And how dare you think Det Yoon has anything to do with my change of hairstyle!? Puh-leaaase, he'd crimp my hairstyle if he stood anywhere near me!!

WHAT!?? Slice the Kimbap!?? Sacrilege!! 

Count youself lucky - I'm in a charitable mood these days, so I won't charge you for the e-mail. But ask me such dumb questions again, and it'll cost you an arm and a leg!!

From Ahjumma


  1. I was surprised to get the reply email so fast yesterday.
    I was on my way to my fluffy bed, and I read the email through my smartphone, and I laugh loudly reading the reply from our lovely hacker Ahjumma xD

  2. Is it really ahjumma who answered the question? Coz I'm also a fan of hers and i'm glad that she's also participating on this project. You see i love Healer and all the casts especially Ahjumma ;)

    1. Are you actually doubting this Ahjumma!?? How dare you...*breathe*

      I'm willing to forgive you just this once if you send me a new kimbap roller!!